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Pumpkin Tan carpet fix.


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  • Pumpkin Tan carpet fix.

    Remember how the old AMF carpets use to stretch
    and the front roller flange would eat into the tail plank? I've ran these things until the carpet
    would start rubbing the T. plank.
    Three years ago we replace all our carpets with
    the pumpkin tans. In the last few months we've
    been getting a lot of calls with carpets not
    turning. Instead of stretching, the tan is getting
    stiff. This pulls back on the front roller making
    the carpet buckle up in the middle. It's hard for
    light balls to depress this buckle and enter the
    exit. Tried a Stahl's white and it also would not
    turn and this was with new springs. So we made
    this fix to add pressure to the white and the tans
    so we won't have to change these carpets. Saving
    big bucks and a lot of back! The tans still look
    new with no other problem except getting stiff.
    If this fix holds we expect the carpet to last as
    long as the old green Gates carpet.

    We put this on the B.D.S. for the tans. You have
    to measure the distance from the bracket to the
    tail plank in order to see how long the wedge
    should be. This one was cut and had to be hammered
    in from about a 35% angle.

    Put on O.B.D.S. for new carpets.

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    Re: Pumpkin Tan carpet fix.

    We are having the same problem with the pumpkin tan. With the balls not entering the door. I felt that the carpet had actually shrunk possably from cleaning them every 6 weeks when we change the pins. They really don't seem anymore stiffer now then when they where new to me.
    I thought about coming up with a Bracket with an adjustable pin on it so that the pin can be adjusted to allow for different spring tenchions.
    I take it that what you have showed here is adding tenchion and it works? Have you had any problems with tracking? Do you add this to both sides or just on the ball door side?
    I'm thinking of trying taking an odd # machine carpet off and put it on a Even# machine that would put the ball door on the opposite side of the carpet and it also may change the tracking some.
    I will say your Idea looks much easier.


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      Re: Pumpkin Tan carpet fix.

      Kevin the Manufactures know of the problem with the pumpkin tan carpets and they came up with what they call a fix. It sucks. They didn,t make the carpet any diffrent the just made a bracket to hold down the edge of the carpets. I say Boycott the pumpkin tans and go with something else like I did. If you want to know the Name of the manufacter pm me and I will Gladly give you this mans name.
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        Re: Pumpkin Tan carpet fix.

        Yes the wedge puts forward tension on the front roller bracket tightening the carpet.

        We are running the wedge on the ball door side only for the tans.

        No trouble with tracking so far.

        None of my tan carpets are curled up on the edge to prevent light balls from entering exit. In fact they are exactly like they were on the day we installed them. In my case, exchanging them from odd to even machines would only involve a lot of work.

        For Lafarge: To boycott the tans would incur about $3000.00 and a lot of work. We have always tried to solve our own problems. Letting the big boys do it for you means big bucks and usually more headaches than you had to begin with. LOL


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          Re: Pumpkin Tan carpet fix.

          Vantage Premiums


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            Re: Pumpkin Tan carpet fix.

            Originally posted by Dutch:
            Vantage Premiums
            <font size="2" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">I agree... we've had very good luck with the Vantage carpets. They wear well and seem to last pretty good. The oldest one in the house we purchased not long after Vantage came out with them. So far, it looks good and runs good.

            No complaints here...
            <span style="font-style: italic">Educatio est omnium efficacissima forma rebellionis</span>


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              Re: Pumpkin Tan carpet fix.

              We tried a couple premiums recently, and it took us 2 hours to get one to move on its own. We've been using pumkins for years. Never a problem. Don't know what we do different, but the pumpkins work better for us than the premiums. Don't know why. This building seems t olike doing things differently.


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                Re: Pumpkin Tan carpet fix.

                Vantage premium.

                Take the rear roller and apply stair traction tape from the hardware store on the roller in 2 places and there is no slippage and no wear through. I have had the tape on some rear rollers for 2 years or more.


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                  Re: Pumpkin Tan carpet fix.

                  What causes the problems with the pumpkin carpets is the amount of oil and cleaner that get on them. The rubber that the pumpkin carpet is made with is greatly susceptible to premature break down due to the penetration of the oils and cleaners. Generally the centers that don’t have a heavy oil program seem to have less of an issue with the pumpkin carpets. What we carry and I believe the Vantage carpet is about the same is went to an oil resistant inner material that resists the saturation of the chemicals. This is why we don’t have the issue with the carpets stretching.

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                    Re: Pumpkin Tan carpet fix.

                    AMF PLATINUM! The Cat's a**!


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                      Re: Pumpkin Tan carpet fix.

                      Originally posted by BowlEquip:
                      AMF PLATINUM! The Cat's a**!
                      <font size="2" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">I have an AMF Platinum in one machine. So far so good. Since I expect 10+ years out of my carpets, I will let you know in 5 years how the platinum is doing.

                      Pumpkins blow!


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                        Re: Pumpkin Tan carpet fix.

                        I have a pumpkin that is only 3 yrs old. It has shrunk and stiffened. Light ball problems. On cool days it runs slow.(and it is going to be cold soon) Clutch said it!


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