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busted sweep rocker arm


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  • busted sweep rocker arm

    After two days of fishing this is what I came back too. A busted sweep rocker arm. I have never come across this before. Its busted on the ten pin side just above the 3162 link. I have a couple of pictures but not sure how to get them on here. anyways....I do not have one on hand, nor a welder. Should I even go the welding route? email me at and I can send a couple of images.

    How involved is a swap? I haven't really even looked that closely at how to go about this. I'm hoping a good weld will cure the problem.

    Email me at and I'll send ya a couple of pics.

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    Re: busted sweep rocker arm

    the best thing to do is to buy a new one or you will be yanking it right back out in the future....


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      Re: busted sweep rocker arm

      Definitely get a new one. Get the 82-90 style with the new bearings and mounting plate. Much better than pillow blocks. Then if you decide it's not too bad and want to get it welded, there's your spare for next time.
      -Remove catwalks
      -Remove chassis (no need to remove frame)
      -Remove wire duct covers for access to upper bolts
      -Remove shuttle rod and arm assy.
      -Loosen the front brackets from the cross beam, but leave the bolts in. Have someone, standing in the pit, help you lift the bin off the front pins and gently set the bin/shuttle assy on the table.
      -Remove the brackets from the cross beam.

      NOW IS A GOOD TIME TO INSPECT THESE BRACKETS! They do bend downward after time.

      -Disconnect all connecting rods, remove the pillow blocks, and there you have it!


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        Re: busted sweep rocker arm

        thanks for the input...i'm going to order and replace the part. doesn't sound so bad replacing it. we'll weld the broken one for a temp. replacement.


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          Re: busted sweep rocker arm

          I agree replace it.

          We had one that was welded. We could never get the sweep adjusted evenly and the rocker arm would hit the table motor and break a shaft often.



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            Re: busted sweep rocker arm

            I've welded two of them, including one that broke at a previously botched repair. Neither one had suffered any twisting (otherwise I definitely would have replaced them), and I added some additional bracing straps in front and back.

            As far as know they're still running 10 years later.
            -- Larry


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              Re: busted sweep rocker arm

              UH-OH.... my new rocker arm came in today, 2 days late, anyways the old one is getting fixed so I can't compare the two. I have a problem with the new one. It has no ends on it. There are no shafts on the ends to fit into the pillow blocks. its just a hollow tube. I don't see a part number for ends or shafts so I assumed it was all one part, am I correct? Did they send me an unfinished part? Naturally I can't call AMF since its past 5.
              I seem to recall the ends being welded on the old part with the shafts in place?


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                Re: busted sweep rocker arm

                I believe what you received was a rocker arm for an 82/90 style. You will need to get more parts for it to fit...if it will even fit at all.


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                  Re: busted sweep rocker arm

                  It'll fit. You just need to get the ends for it.

                  Check the price of 610-700-156. It might be the whole assy or it could be the parts you need. The price should tell you. I don't have a price book with me.


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                    Re: busted sweep rocker arm

                    Yeah I since learned it was a kit. I have the other parts of the kit coming. I have since put the welded piece back it. It should hold up it looks sturdier than the new part...and the part it once was.
                    seems like things go to hell when a major tournament is about to be held, or is it just my small house?


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                      Re: busted sweep rocker arm

                      We all know Murphy’s Law:

                      Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.


                      I believe in Ryan’s Law:

                      Murphy was an optimist.


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