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Slow spotting! Need help quick...


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  • Slow spotting! Need help quick...

    One of my machines hesitates before setting up a new set of pins. With all pins in place it will wait from anywhere between 0 to 30 seconds before setting a new set. I have checked the ninth pin switch and changed the entire mp chassis and the problem remains the same. I have a huge national tournement in three days and need all lanes up and running. All help greatly appriciated!!!!
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    Re: Slow spotting! Need help quick...

    Check capacitor across BS circuit in wireway. (TS32 & TS-34). Positive End should be on TS-34.
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      Re: Slow spotting! Need help quick...

      My 1st thought is either the BS microswitch or the SP relay. By changing the chassis you've eliminated the SP relay. If all you've done is put a tester on the BS, try changing it. Many times I've seen them test good but still be bad.

      Does it happen every time or is it intermittent?

      Is the sweep sitting at 270º the whole time & it's acting like it's waiting for a #9 pin?


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        Re: Slow spotting! Need help quick...

        Just to make sure we have the whole equation... do you have autoscoring? With the Qubica system, if one of the ball detectors is misaligned, the machine will wait an inordinately long time (around 30-45 secs) to cycle or drop a new rack... it can't calculate how fast the ball is moving, so it waits the maximum amount of time before signaling the machine to run. If you have Qubica, a telltale sign of this is the ball speed display will not work... it will remain blank.
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          Re: Slow spotting! Need help quick...

          Did you put the original MP board in the swapped chassis? I have seen a bad MP board go thru a s l o w cycle b-4. Check to see if the sweep reverse is taking longer than usual too...(ie: instead of a couple of seconds to jump up to zero after a miss w/ a full rack on 1st ball). Other than that, I agree with G-Man....
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            Re: Slow spotting! Need help quick...

            Check your sweep cam switch pack. SB N.O. triggers the spotting action (table run AND spot relay/solenoid).

            -Sometimes the SB spring is weak/stretched. This combined with a sticky switch will delay the actuation of the switch, until vibration overcomes it.

            -Sometimes the levers and their pins are corroded and/or dirty, requiring extra spring tension on the SB lever.

            To test this, go in front of the machine. Cycle it in second ball. SWhile the sweep is doing its run-through, apply pressure with your finger to the SB lever, making it go in as soon as the low side of the cam comes around.

            -Third possibility (this will be obvious): bad or misaligned roller on the SB switch lever.

            Good Luck!


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              Re: Slow spotting! Need help quick...

              are you meaning the sweep at 270 guard waiting for pins to spot.Sounds like you have a bad bin switch,or a loose,shorted, or broken wire...


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                Re: Slow spotting! Need help quick...

                I found it!!! The problem was caused by faulty wireing from the BE switch. A connection along the wire was loose so it fell in and out of contact by the vibration of the machine. Things can be real simple when they seem to be not... Thanx for the help!
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