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What causes this to happen?


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  • What causes this to happen?

    I have old elco chassis' on the 70's that I work on that have been upgraded with omegatek expander boards. This is the scenario that I am wondering about. We stll use table wires for strike cycles. Sometyimes a respot cell wire comes loose and there will be no strike cycle but, say the respot cell wire comes off the three pin and whenver they leave a three pin, the table spots on top of the respotting 3 pin?

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    Re: What causes this to happen?

    We have your chassis setup with Accuscore+. Once we upgraded to the version 5.32 eproms we had problems with this. Anytime a play arrow is up the camera does not scan and the machine relies on the cell wires... If that wire is off and there's no pins in memory for the expander it will spot over the pin. I dont know what scoring you're running, but this is what happens to us.
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      Re: What causes this to happen?

      Unplug the table cable and move the yellow plug on the expander to the lower position.

      See if Dave can send you over to Thunderbowl for a couple hours.

      I will explain the expander cards and any other questions you have.



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        Re: What causes this to happen?

        My question would have to be...Why would you still be using the Table Cable if you have expanders??

        Do you have a main board with a smaller board attached to it only, or do you have 2 seperate assemblies?? the expander is a lone board, where the MK-70 has 2 actual boards attached with a set of wires.

        With the expander, you dont want your table cable pluged in, unless you have bypassed the short cycles with the jumper that jerry was speaking of. I have to wonder, however, why you would want to bypass the expander if it were funtional??

        Let us know.


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          Re: What causes this to happen?

          That jumper doesn't bypass the cycle itself. All it does is keep the table grounded at all times and solely relies on the camera. We still have our wires hooked up and since the camera doesn't scan with out a play arrow up it relies on the cell wires. But once the arrow is up it runs short strike cycles and also the 7/10 pickoff as it should. All that jumper really does is ground one cell (The 1 or 2 I think). The only way to really bypass the expander totally is to take the little power plug out of the board and jump certain wires that plug into the exp. (the ones from c-1 and the sweep contact, we have a little jumper for this that was sent to us)
          All I want in life is to turn wrenches and climb around pinsetters/pinspotters again :/


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            Re: What causes this to happen?

            I think what he's saying is that his chassis have been upgraded to the OT MK70 control boards (stop me if I'm wrong here, ST-21)... they probably only have the control board itself in the chassis, and not actually the 'scoring interface' MK70EX board. That setup still requires the use of a table cable and operational respot cell contacts.

            Now for the cycle problem... if you are losing strike cycle, it means that the wire has grounded against the table, or the cell contact is shorted. If the cell wire comes off and doesn't touch anything, the machine will run fine except for when a 'lone pin' is left at the cell where the wire came off. Any other combination of pins will function normally, because the others are telling the chassis that it needs to run a 1st ball cycle.

            For a quick test to see if the problem is in the cell, the table wiring, or the table cable, use an alligator clip jumper to jump the offending cell over to the next one on the stinger (if it's the 3, jump it over to the 6. Spot a lone 6 pin and see if it runs a 1st ball cycle normally. After that, spot a lone 3 pin, and it should still run a normal cycle, because it's reading through the #6 wiring. If it runs a strike, it means there's something wrong with the cell contact. If it cycles OK, remove the jumper and make sure the table wires are where they're supposed to be. Go to the front wireway, locate the #3 wire at the terminal strip and unplug it. Use a jumper or a chair terminal to connect it to another working cell wire. Spot a lone 3 pin and run a cycle. If it runs 1st ball, the wire is OK. If it runs strike, the wiring in the table or table cable is broken to the #3 pin cell.
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