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  • Motor Repair

    Does anyone know where I can send some sweep and table motors to get repaired? I have two motors that are beyond repair, well not beyond repair but I can't do anything with them because some of the wires from the windings are too small to put connectors on them and I have no idea how to rewire from the windings. Sorry if this doesn't make any sense I'm sort of new to motor stuff. Well anyways, thanks for your help and talk to you soon.

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    Re: Motor Repair

    Usually, once motor windings start dying or the coating burns off, there's not much you can do to them except to have them rewound with fresh wire.

    Other than the fact that they're used on bowling machines, the motors aren't any different from any other ones. Have a look in your yellow pages... if you have a reputable company in your area that rewinds/services electric motors, they should be able to handle the job. Look for a company that handles commercial or industrial motors... some of the smaller businesses may not be able to handle motors of that size.
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      Re: Motor Repair

      G man has it, In Utah I had a company that would do it for around $150.00, and in Vermont it was $175-$225. This usulay entailed rewind, switches, Cent. Mech (they will refer to it as a govener) and a full dip (no idea, just told me they did it.) Never had any problems with my re-wound motors.



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        Re: Motor Repair

        Chick- It would be less expensive to find a motor rebuilder in Tucson or Phoenix because of shipping. If you want to try Stahl's here in Minn. Ask for Connie 1-952 -932-2231 is their number. I know Tommy Stahl ships to a lot of customers in the U.S. Great motor's
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          Re: Motor Repair

          Many motor rewinders can replace the LEADS. That's the insulated part of the winding wire that comes out of the stator. If the winding is good (they'll chack that, too), you might just need new leads. Shouldnt cost more than $50.


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            Re: Motor Repair

            Most cities have electric motor repair shops. Some one has to repair the motor's that run the water pump's,industrial motor's,Farm motor's, and electric generators. Try your yellow pages under ...Electric motor service
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              Re: Motor Repair

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                Re: Motor Repair

                Here in Phoenix, we use A-1 Electric Motors Inc. They do a good job and are pretty good on the price.
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