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    I got another mod for everyone.

    This mod makes it easier for a pin to go over the trip arm assembly of the dist. All that is needed is a 5/16" washer. Put the washer over the rubber bumper as shown below then reinstall the bumper. This lets the trip arms sit a little bit lower making it easier for pins to go over. Dont forget to readjust your trip cable assembly. Here are some pics.


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    Re: Distributor Mod

    That looks like my distributors in 1986.
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      Re: Distributor Mod

      I have 2 on all mine. Been doing it for about 2years.
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        Re: Distributor Mod

        Yep, except its more like 10 years for me, nice pics too. thats the grey belt I was refering to in the 'dist belt' thread!!


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          Re: Distributor Mod

          Yeah, I been doing that for 15 years, had to do something when we could only get poor quality belts from AMF Australia.
          always doing my best.


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            Re: Distributor Mod

            Everyone shims down the index levers when necessary.
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              Re: Distributor Mod

              Its an old mod, but still helpful to people who new to the business


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                Re: Distributor Mod

                Hi Monty,remember that placing one on the back bumper is great when the end casting wears and the trip arms don,t go down so far to release the pin. If dissies get worn this helps also.
                Nice to see the photo.good man.
                best wishes from


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                  Re: Distributor Mod

                  If, after getting that "perfect" trip rod adjustment, we end up with the stop blade hitting the pinion, then we add one washer to the rear.
                  Careful: for each washer, front or rear, that you add, you are reducing the total travel (stroke) of the stop blade.
                  Basically, if you're having trouble getting the pin through the trips arms, you either have too much clutch tension, no stop blade lubrication, a very slippery belt, or that bad rocker arm spring that Vantage sold (wound too tight).


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                    Re: Distributor Mod

                    i personally wouldnt run more than one washer, you can eliminate the need for it by making sure your stop blades are the correct shape, correct position and correct angle of attack as well as making sure your trip rod is parralell to the carriage and aligned correctly with the 2 nylon wheels. if it is still hesitating when a pin comes along, make sure your spring isnt too tight, you can sprain it slightly to make it weaker which can do the trick (but be careful not to over-do it) and dont overlook the obvious like dry stop blades or too much clutch tension.
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                      Re: Distributor Mod

                      Hey, I invented that 30 years ago. LOL [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif[/img]

                      I have them on all my distributors. They work great for belts that just don’t grip very well when it gets cold. I once saw a house where they threaded the hole and used a bolt and jam nut for fine-tuning.

                      The only draw back with this mod as mentioned, is that the stroke is changed and can cause the flag to hit the gear. I never put one on the rear because it shortens the stroke so much that you can experience intermittent tripping problems if everything is not perfect.



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