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MP/AMF chassis repair


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  • MP/AMF chassis repair

    I've seen numerous posts lately concerning the repair of AMF SS and MP chassis. I just wanted to pass along that I have all of mine serviced by Mike Barrett of Barrett Electronics in Fullerton, California. You'll see his add in the back of Bowling Center Management, but if you just flip through those ads without reading them, you may be passing up a great opportunity to rebuild your spares or service your problem chassis. I've been doing business with Mike for almost two years now, a total of almost eight chassis altogether. If any of you have had chassis work done by Magiscore or AMF, you will find that his prices blow theirs away. Not only is his work phenomenal, he has been in the business for years and years and years and will even call and talk with you over the phone, out of the blue, giving you status reports on your chassis under construction, likely causes of damage, how to avoid them, and so on. He is a veritable encyclopedia of electrical know-how; he also has more than a few tricks up his sleeve regarding pinsetters. I've had all mine serviced by Magicscore for years, for 300-350 bucks a pop. Never again. I can have almost twice the number of chassis serviced for that now, along with a much better relationship with the man doing the work.

    Mike Barrett
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    Re: MP/AMF chassis repair

    shipping across the atlantic could be a tad expensive [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif[/img]

    i have been repairing all our chassies since i started here, and so far so good! but one day, one will catch me out.

    99% of the problems with the MP chassies i have got (240v 50hz) have been common sense things, broken wires, defective contactors, shot transformers, burnt contacts on the PCB, triacs and the like, all menial stuff, had a couple of head-scratchers but got there in the end.
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      Re: MP/AMF chassis repair

      I've done business with Mike for around 20 years with good luck.


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