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  • Stuff for sale after upgrade

    For anyone who doesn't visit the classified ads here at bowltech regularly, I'll be selling some interesting pinspotter stuff (motors, chassis, wiring, etc) after my center upgrades to XL-i. Also, new scoring going in...Accuscore Plus (Red 7500 CWC) with Advantage coming out.
    Scoring: May 2005
    XLi: early 2006
    Check out my ads in the classifieds.
    If interested, please respond on this thread or e-mail me.


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    Re: Stuff for sale after upgrade

    Low boy Accuscore or above monitors?


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      Re: Stuff for sale after upgrade

      I'm interested on what sold you on the XL-i upgrade? Was there any one thing that made it for you?

      Just curious...
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        Re: Stuff for sale after upgrade

        So you have old '70's or what? I'd love some of it if thats what youre replacing. Especially some back end motors and gearboxes. Those are tough to find without replacing them outright with new shiny ones.
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          Re: Stuff for sale after upgrade

          Originally posted by JBEES:
          I'm interested on what sold you on the XL-i upgrade? Was there any one thing that made it for you?

          Just curious...
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            Re: Stuff for sale after upgrade

            Thanks, Pete (I think).
            J: I'll admit, I will miss my C23 chassis'. You can do so much with them control-wise.
            The truth is, I've been away for 1-1/2 years and things got a little neglected and out of hand, the worst being motors and electrical components. The time I was gone was originally the time I was going to renew the motors and chassis completely, because just before that, I was beginning to struggle just to keep up with them.
            Now, the other machine areas that needed attention before are even worse (sweeps, front end drive components, bins, and the usual pit work).
            I've become very familiar with 90XL because those were the machines at the place I was at for the year and a half. I've had my hand in an actual XL upgrade for 70's at a place in Ohio and have seen how thorough it is.
            The XL upgrade included new:
            -Pit Light Fixture (Single; dual @ extra $)
            -Table &amp; Sweep Cam Switches
            -Carpet Drive &amp; Elevator Belts
            -Distributor Drive Shafts and Housings
            -Back End Motor Mount Brackets
            -Fenner Drive Pinwheel Belt Tensioner
            -New Tie Plate
            -Ball Triggering
            -Accucam 3000

            -Hundreds of Connection Points (.062 pins &amp; sockets, faston quick connects, etc.). Everything is connected by cable with Molex, AMP, or serial connectors. All the spaghetti (plus the capacitors) in the front cross beam wireway is gone!
            -Upper shock bracket
            -All table wiring, including GP

            I remained patient and ignored the urge to convince my boss that we should do the XL, until I saw the 90XL-i at the convention in Vegas, and later found out it would be available for 70's.

            Besides everything above, the XL-i:
            -Eliminates the table and sweep switches/cams
            -Eliminates coasting cause by poor regenerative braking. Reg. Braking is replaced by mechanical braking.
            -New designed chassis features diagnostic tools of many types, including light towers that warn the technician of several different conditions at a glance from a distance.
            -Shut-down features which kick in even before a klixon can pop.
            -Table reverse
            -New design MCU (Managers control Unit), from which you can getalmost as much info about the machine as from the chassis itself.
            -New design trigger system with two beams. The beams must be broken and restored in order from front to back, as with a bowling ball, or it will not cycle. In fact, if a person lies across the two beams, the pinspotter will shut down.
            -New design Radaray XL-i foul units, which have NO electronic components at the foul line, except for the optics. Everything else is in the chassis.
            -No front end control box. A hand-held unit can be plugged into the front of the machine, accessing the chassis for complete control and programming functions.
            -From the hand-held unit or the chassis, the exact stopping positions of the sweep and table can be fine tuned, digtally.
            -Standard Dual Pit Light, now with digital individual lane control.

            The overall idea is to get the electrical and motor problems out of my way so I can go full steam into rebuiding the rest of the machines' major areas. Everything i've seen so far seems like the XL-i would allow me to accomplish that goal. Boss made me promise 17 years ago that we would not have to replace machines for at least 20 years. I feel I'm doing him one better at half the price.

            Fortunately, we can't afford it this year, so we are saving up for it for 2006. This should give AMF enough time to work out the usual bugs!!


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