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  • no cycle

    I have a chassis that when moved from machine to machine it will not cycle from up front or in back. It has the bowltronics contactors and I can get the sweep and table to run with those switches. This has omega tek boards and has been swapped to a different chassis. I've tried swapping relays with a working chassis and have replaced the c1 block and all pins. I had 3 bad plugs on the c2 and replaced them. I am at a loss now and and quickly running out of patience. Seems to me I must be missing something. It acts like it is in instructomat and wont come out of it. Which wire in the c2 runs the cycle? I have seen it posted here but cannot find it.

    Any ideas, suggestions, or comments on what to do with this chassis please let me know.

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    Re: no cycle

    The sweep & table contactors always have power, even with the machine off, so it's understandable that the motors would be able to run if you are operating the contactors manually.

    So the front and back cycle switches don't work... what happens if you power up the machine and lift SA or TA1?

    You can even cycle the machine with SA... hold it up off the cam until the sweep just hits the deck or slightly above the deck, then let it go. After a few seconds of time delay, the machine should run the rest of whatever ball cycle it was in.
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      Re: no cycle

      id guess either -
      F3 fuse/holder purple wire for f3 fuse is the very last bottom right pin in c2a, and as a tendacy to get yanked when replacing pins or messing with wiring.
      Grey wire on T2. if you dont use instuctomat, cut it.


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        Re: no cycle

        I can run the sweep from the back of the machine also. So will running it from the SA make that brain f@rt go away?


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          Re: no cycle

          Originally posted by kneedeep:
          I can run the sweep from the back of the machine also. So will running it from the SA make that brain f@rt go away?
          <font size="2" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">It won't fix it... it's just a troubleshooting method. If there is a problem with the electronics causing no-cycle, the machine will not complete a cycle started from SA, either.

          If it's a bad connection or wiring problem to (or in) the chassis causing it not to cycle, it should run a normal cycle when started from SA.

          Just helps narrow the problem down some.
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            Re: no cycle

            Can I leave this wire off.....cuz it works now...boss very happy.....i get to drink beer without thinking about this....mmmmmmmm beer....did i mention this worked!!! thanks a ton and then some. we dont need instructomat or frame counters because of our autoscore.

            Also removing that memory board is nice really cleans up the look of the chassis... even kinda felt lighter.... maybe not.

            thanks again I learned alot during this problem and I got a lot of phone help and bowltech help. I would be very uninformed if it wasnt for this place. AWESOME


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              Re: no cycle

              If you don’t need frame counter (at front desk) and shadow bowl, you can leave this wire disconnected and insulated.

              I could go into great detail why its ok and no ill effects, but it would be like explaining why the quadratic equation works in algebra using calculus as proof.

              In a nutshell…enjoy your beer!



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                Re: no cycle

                I just posted this on another thread, I found a wire off in the A&amp;MC box that caused this. See if any of this helps you: Cycle problem
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