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Extra cycles?


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  • Extra cycles?

    Hi guys,

    I've a lane in my place which has started doling out an extra cycle. It looks like when the bowler strikes or if only the rear pins are respotted then it throws up the sweep and waits for another ball before zeroing. Apart from this it scores the games perfectly.

    I've calibrated the scoring camera, checked the ball detection reflectors, reset the VDB and swapped the chassis. The whole spotting mechanism looks fine all the way from solenoid to table.

    I could only sit on it for 15 minutes (closing time) so I could be wrong about the strike/rear-pins thing. Might well be random and I only happened to see those.

    Cheers for any idears!
    ~ PJ

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    Re: Extra cycles?

    I'm guessing that if you are using electronic scoring, but still have your cell wiring attached, you have a cell wire grounding out, and it's overriding the strike and 7/10 pick-off signal.

    What scoring system is this?
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      Re: Extra cycles?

      It's Qubica. I can't remember the version off the top of my head as I haven't had any problems with them yet.

      When we got the new cameras in we de-soldered the finger switches and stripped all the wiring out.

      There's backend interface units which connect the Qubica system into the MCU. I'm just realizing that I didn't try changing that one obvious thing. That must be it.

      Heck, and I don't have a spare either.
      ~ PJ


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        Re: Extra cycles?

        OK, so no cell wiring, and the scores are correct (like it's not adding a pin to the score when it acts up, as if it's still "seeing" a pin on the deck)...

        If you left the front wireway TAC wiring in place, make sure nothing has fallen into it (like a metal fragment, screw, nut, etc... that could be intermittently shorting it.

        I've seen XLMP's do some strange things like that if they act up... but it's pretty rare. Watch the indicator on the XLMP... it should be green when idle, and just 'flicker' to red for a fraction of a second when data is passing through it to the scoring (you have to really watch it up close...from a few feet away, you'll never see it change)... if it snaps red or orange for any noticeable period of time, there may be a comm problem.
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          Re: Extra cycles?


          When this extra cycle is occurring…is it scoring the extra cycle. If not then your problem is probably not scoring related. Not for sure if a stuck relay in the six-box would score or not.

          Couple of things to check:

          Wires that have been disconnected from cushion need to be insulated and isolated.

          Ball return might have a 10th frame switch that’s about ready to take a dump.

          Look inside the A&amp;MC box and make sure no wires are close enough that they could touch something from vibration.

          Also, look inside the mechanics BE control box for a pinched or shorted wire from your cycle switch.



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