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  • 82 70 mp

    8270 mp chassis, just stopped running last night after 2 games, seemed like it was on instrustomat, sweep ,table would not run from cams sweep would run from the sweep run sw, we have no instruct on our machines with our perfect desk, disconecte on off switch from liu box in junction box in back to eliminate scoring,tapped on cb and all cms to see if i had a bad connection shorted out cb just for the hell of it turned it back on it ran for 2nd shift about 2 games then same thing, shorted out cb again and ran for 3 frames changed cb no run . started runing again been running it for 1 hr , where else shoud i look thanks

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    Re: 82 70 mp

    I’m assuming that you swapped chassis to determine if problem is on machine side or in the chassis.

    I’m not as familiar with the MP as I am with the SS. However, your symptoms to appear to be an intermittent ground to the T2 secondary which will cause the chassis to go into instructomat. The part that’s stumping me is that you are tripping your CB.

    To eliminate the short to the circuit board logic, you need to disconnect and tape off the wire that goes from the SP (#1) relay to the T2 secondary. On a SS chassis this wire is a thin gray one (not for sure the color on a MP chassis).

    If everything functions as normal…your problem lies there. Let us know and we’ll help you find the short. This wire that you will pull can be left disconnected indefinitely. The functions that you will lose is instructomat and the frame meter at the control desk will be inoperative.

    Good Luck,


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      Re: 82 70 mp

      i did swap chassis, i tripped cb on purpose ,after i tripped it the mach ran, i figured it must be the cb so changed it it ran for a while but again it stopped ,ck all cam switches they seemed ok. anyway swapped amc plugs both machines ran ,but did ck out the amc box and found that 5 and 6 were touching slightly so separated them ,if im right that is instruct, put plugs back and it seems to be ok, just had open bowler and bowled 3 games , im sill wondering though thanks


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        Re: 82 70 mp

        Well you were close assuming 5 & 6 are instructomat. They are your manger control wires to turn on the machine. If they were touching each other, the machine would always be on. They become instructomat when either one gets a ground. So you might take a real close look for either one touching ground…possible pinch. Other area to look for a ground that will lock you into instructomat is the mask switch/ wires.

        Since you’re not sure that you found the problem, I would take a spare chassis and disconnect that wire (gray?) from the T2 and tape it off. Then I would put it on a machine (just for test) and flip the machine to shadow bowl to make sure you got the right wire. If so, shadow bowl will not work but the machine will function normally and you will have a chassis ready incase that machine starts to act up again.



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          Re: 82 70 mp

          I've seen situations where the cabling running up fron over the ceiling tiles has been chewed by rodents, or big roaches here in Texas.
          You can eliminate that circuit by unplugging your A&MC plug and jumping out the MC circuit at the machine side as a test.

          What Triac says is very true as well, especially if one has XOP boards in SS chassis.

          Good luck
          Please.....follow the instructions!!



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            Re: 82 70 mp

            Orielly, are these actual MP chassis or are they S/S chassis w/ Omega teks? If these are real MP chassis, have you swapped the board out with a known good one. Sounds like the MP board is loosin it....

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