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  • Pit Carpet Belts

    I remember that a few years back that I read or saw some where that some company was making pit carpet belts that you could link together like you do the distributor belts. This was so if you had a carpet belt go bad during a league or tournament, you could put this in to get you through the night or day or whatever. Does anyone have any idea if such a belt is still being made and if so, who would have them??
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    Re: Pit Carpet Belts

    Threading the little pin through the links is somewhat fun on a dizzy.

    Geesh! Imagine threading that pin through a metre-wide carpet belt!! I'd probably change-out the pit faster!

    He He He.

    But I do like the idea of a carpet belt that you change so fast. The worst thing that happens for us is a side tear on the carpet that results in pins diving headfirst into the gap between the front roller and the bounceplate. Doesn't happen that often with the belts we use now, but when it used to happen we would just put up with it for the night shift and replace it in the morning. Sometimes, we would nail a strip of carpet belt to the flat gutter to cover the hole that the pins fell into. Though I think that was a dodgy hack that we should not have done. Oh well, don't need to do it anymore with these fantastic new carpets AMF is sending us.

    I remember once a carpet folded in on itself - it didn't tear, it just wrapped over on itself (anyone else had that?) - PITA to fix. Had to chock back the roller to get it unfolded. Have no idea how it happened either.

    Anyway, back on topic... I can't quite imagine how you'd get a carpet belt with metal lacings like the dizzy belt.

    Perhaps it could be a velcro strip? Wouldn't last long - just a few hours.

    Thinking out loud as usual...


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      Re: Pit Carpet Belts

      We have had one in one of our machines for one evening.
      Lacing it together took 30 minutes, falling apart a few hours!
      Just forget it!
      So it goes.


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        Re: Pit Carpet Belts

        I believe the manufacturer took it off the market because the steel lacings were digging into the bowling balls. Was a good idea though.


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          Re: Pit Carpet Belts

          Maybe some company should develop one that has a zipper, then conceal the zipper with some sort of flap.


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            Re: Pit Carpet Belts

            hey now i like that idea Klixon
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              Re: Pit Carpet Belts

              I know of a house who installed 2 of these months ago and they are still running strong. We have them made locally.
              Very good for quick fix but only time will tell if they hold long enough.



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                Re: Pit Carpet Belts

                From a management standpoint I don't care for the idea. I can see people just replacing the carpet and not checking or repairing anything else. I have yet to just replace a carpet and not find any other area that needs attention.


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                  Re: Pit Carpet Belts

                  Funny thing is I was having this conversation the other day with one of my techs. We had one of these belts many years ago ( 1992 ?). As with Lampies it didn't last the shift.

                  But every time a rep comes in from a belt manufacturer I always tell the, make a carpet belt that has some form of joint in and your on the road to riches.

                  One actually had an excellent idea of using both a pin, and a velcro strip which covers the pin, while also assisting keeping the carpet belt tight. I appreciate not everyone will agree, but it's the ultiate time saver.

                  Can you imagine the benfits of having a belt like this. Anyway we never saw this rep again. End of story


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                    Re: Pit Carpet Belts

                    chuck I think that carpet to which you are referring might have had a zipper. I know I have had one of these wonders.
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