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Stop blade problem


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  • Stop blade problem

    Anyone suggestions?
    Distributor stays at same position (mostly #9) when pin falls in bin. Problem: the upper of the 2 blades sticks.
    Tried the following things:
    - some more grease.. helps for a while (few hours)
    - took the stop blade and clutchplate apart and used some sandpaper to make the surfaces of both more smooth.
    - Reduced tension of clutchspring to 3/4
    - Increased tension to counterspring (the one on the other side of the distributor which pushes the triprod downwards) to 3/4
    - Replaced stop blade/clutchplate and worm)

    Stop blade of triprod is on same height as stop of clutchpate
    Still have problems and the only possibility to run without lots of jams is clutchtension set to 1/2. Think this not enough tension to run properly on the long term.
    Do new clutchplate and new stopblade need some small adjustments before you install?


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    Re: Stop blade problem

    Is the trip rod straight? I have had to bend the rod very slightly on rare occasions and then re-adjust everything else.
    Yeah but, We've always done it that way.


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      Re: Stop blade problem

      Make sure your carraige tubes are not bent, the trip stop rod should not be bent.
      Eccentrics need to be adjusted properly so the carriage and trip stop rod are parralel.

      A quick check for parralel is to watch the two white rollers the are above and below the trip stop rod, move the carraige back and forth, they should stay is the same relative position above and below the trip stop rod.

      Make sure the belt guard is not hanging on the bin stringers at the rear.

      Check the rear belt runner, sometimes mechanics put thier hand on the distributor to lift themselves out of the machine, this can bend the belt runner down and kink the runner sides just in front of the front support bolt, the carraige wire pin guides can hang up on the kinked portion of the runner and cause hesitation.

      Hope this helps, good luck
      Please.....follow the instructions!!



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        Re: Stop blade problem

        Might want to also check to make sure that the stop blades on the trip rod is not hitting the clutch plate...I've seen a few of these where someone has shimmed the bracket for the trip rod to an excess causing the stop blades to hit the rear clutch plate.
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          Re: Stop blade problem

          A better way for new mechs to check for parrallel and we mean the (carriage and the trip rod).

          With the pit off and the distributor at the #1 bin position, retract the carriage back and forth. While you are doing this watch the triprod stop blade. The stop blade should not move up or down during this travel.

          While running the distributor the stop blade should not move forward when the clutch plate blade contacts the stop blade. If you have the old style support casting with the longer bushing it is hard to shim so that it does not move.

          In any case the triprod will move alittle, and a little will work well; I just like mine to be more ridgid. a little means (1/32" - 1/16") You want your trip rod tight enough to have good vertical movement but very little horizontal movement. (This is where the nylon washer comes in). When tightened properly, the nylon washer mushrooms over the bushing and acts like a shock absorber. This action with the nylon washer achieves the correct tightness of the trip rod to the bracket.

          If it does move then you must re-adjust the carriage rollers.

          Other things to check are eccentric and concentric carriage rollers (in the correct positions),
          broken roll pin in the trip support casting,
          incorrect tightness on the 1/4" bolt securing the triprod support casting to the bractet,
          stop blade correctly lined up on the support casting.
          Trip cable has incorrect tension.

          Good luck
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            Re: Stop blade problem

            Check the back of the bronze bushing in the pinion. If it is wearing into the thrust washer, the clutch will pull harder than normal. If it is rough, file it smooth, replace the washer, and lube the surfaces.


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              Re: Stop blade problem

              I bet this machine has a trip cable on it.

              Put a trip rod on this machine if it has a cable and the problem will go away.

              Otherwise ther is too much clutch tension or the clutch needs lubrication or the large nut is too tight.


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                Re: Stop blade problem

                my bet is the bushing is to tight against the D washer. Or the rear of the carrige is moving downdown ward because there is to much slop in the carriage rollers. Sorry Im a good mech but a horrible speller. [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif[/img]
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                  Re: Stop blade problem

                  Originally posted by John Isbell:

                  Make sure the belt guard is not hanging on the bin stringers at the rear.
                  <font size="2" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">Had this happen to me here. I had a lane that belt guard was slightly bent down just enough to catch the stringers every now and again. The problem was an intermittent one...Drove me nuts until I saw it catch on the stringer, bent the guard back up, problem solved.
                  Lifes to short to stress on little things.


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                    Re: Stop blade problem

                    Next time (thursdaynight) I will try to re-assemble the clutchplate
                    Will check the inside of the pinion and give it some drips oil.
                    Maybe the large nut on the outside has been set too tight. Will take a look for that.
                    Don't think there are problems with the carriage tubes or eccentric rollers because tubes ride smoothly and distance between nylon rollers and trip rod is the same in all positions.The trip cable has been set as in manual: both nylon rollers don't touch the rod.
                    The trip rod has not much play for- and backwards.

                    BTW Had no jams last day but don't like the 1/2 turn spring tension on the clutchplate because other lanes need 3/4 or more.


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                      Re: Stop blade problem

                      My belt guards are gahndi.


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                        Re: Stop blade problem

                        Upper white roller on the trip rocker arm weldment is possibly touching the O-pan????
                        Can it touch that?? Yes it can!!
                        So it goes.


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                          Re: Stop blade problem

                          try shortening the trip rod cable 1 or 2 turns
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                            Re: Stop blade problem

                            I agree with King about the rod instead of the cable, also the 'D' thrust washer is blanked in a punch press, meaning one side is convex and the other side is concave. The convex side or rounded side must face the pinion to reduce friction.
                            Yeah but, We've always done it that way.


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                              Re: Stop blade problem

                              Originally posted by lafarge:
                              my bet is the bushing is to tight against the D washer. Or the rear of the carrige is moving downdown ward because there is to much slop in the carriage rollers. Sorry Im a good mech but a horrible speller. [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif[/img]
                              <font size="2" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">No apology necessary. You spelled down correctly both times. [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif[/img]


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