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82/90XL chassis causing odd lane sweep overrun


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  • 82/90XL chassis causing odd lane sweep overrun

    Basically in my 5 lane house i have 3 odd machines, 1,3,5 and for a while now the sweeps have been over running after an hour or so of use. I tried swapping motor with the even machines but the problem carried on so eventually after juggling my spare chassis about to minimise the disruption i set the spare off to be repaired.

    Well it arrived back today and problem solved, now my chassis are out of the one year warrenty so what i want to know is, is there anything i can do to repair the other 3 chassis myself (well rob22 will hopefully help) I have WITHOUT sending them back to AMF???
    Are there any wireing diagrammes online to repair this fault or can anybody else discribe how to do it cause i'd rather not start sending chassis off to be repaired if its easy.

    BTW does anyone know roughly how much this repair costs if you send it to AMF????

    cheers in advance any help is greatly recieved

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    Re: 82/90XL chassis causing odd lane sweep overrun

    open your chassis youll find the sweep and table contacts or boards and caps.... inside for each lane odd and even sounds like one of thoes mabey your problem the 90xl chassis just took most of the electral stuff and stuffed it in chassis if you have had any time on 70s they work the same but parts are in differnt places

    good luck


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      Re: 82/90XL chassis causing odd lane sweep overrun

      Besides doing my 82-70 house I service a 36 lane 90xl too. Been having numerous problems with the chassis causing the EVEN machine sweep motor to coast. The owner has been on AMF's butt for two years now about various issues including these chassis. I have had one pair this year, where I replaced 3 chasis due to this problem. About 6 of them have dropped this season. Called there today and found out that AMF was there and they were replacing EPROMs in the chassis to stop this problem. We'll see if this is the cure. I'd suggest, keep on their butts about this problem constantly and make them come to you. I'll keep you posted on how well this works.

      Good Luck,

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      The doctor makes house calls.


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        Re: 82/90XL chassis causing odd lane sweep overrun

        The upgraded EPROM version 1.05 does not solve the problem.

        The problem can be easily fixed by replacing out the solid state relay on the PCB. You can purchase this IC for around £15, and is very do-able yourself, with a little time. Walking the board out of the chassis (240V) is a knuckle buster. Badly designed indeed. Why didn't they put on an easily removable rear cover?

        The way they have switched the high voltage is the problem. The relay would be much better being replaced by a more robust component. Even better if they used a low voltage signal out of the chassis to switch the motor on and off. This would work so much better, in my opinion....

        The problem moves on to the table also, and can cause the table to start to slide backward and then bounce.

        Additional caps added across the contacts of the large solid state relays on the door panel, help to disipait residual current, along with the newer version program, which stops the motors a fraction quicker. - but these have minimal effect
        With the silver box chassis, you can double the size of the capacitors inside the chassis to stop this problem.
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