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Ratchet drive problem


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  • Ratchet drive problem

    Once a day I have a crank weldment (the thing that spins around inside the pulley) that will spin around and balance itself 180degrees out. Holding the lift assembly up and not let the ball in the exit.
    The whole motion from crank to lift arm is totally free. It's just an odd balancing act. I can barely reproduce it manually. It only takes the smallest nudge to get it to go one way or another.
    I've worked on tons of these things and I've never seen this before.
    Anyone seen this and have a fix?
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    Re: Ratchet drive problem

    Chances are; washers are not correct(lift arm is hitting the side of machine) to solve problem bend the lift arm slightly to clear abstruction.
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      Re: Ratchet drive problem

      If the lift arm is not touching the ball doors then your rod is too short, causing the weldment to skip across the rollers. (Adjust) Lenghen the rod a turn or two and see if the problem goes away. Adjust so that the arm is just above the ball doors. (Enough to actuate from both sides.)

      Another cause is that the arm is bent outward from the (missing washer) under the 3/8" special nut.

      The bearing can also cause skipping problems if the bearing is close to failing.
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        Re: Ratchet drive problem

        Another cause of this phenomenon is that there are no top hat washers between the eyebolt and the nut and if they are overtightened, then they stick with the lift arm in the raised position.The nuts , as you know , are nyloc and as such only have to be nipped up to the top hat washer, and not wound up tight. try easing off the nuts and check that the top hats are in place and facing the right way round , small side to eyebolt.


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          Re: Ratchet drive problem

          Are these Vantage or Amf Vantage are spot welded on the center hubs is the weld broke causing the ratchet drive pulley to wobble?


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            Re: Ratchet drive problem

            Check your unibals in the 2 rod ends. They either need grease or the unibal is jammed in the fitting. This is usually my problem with this issue.


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              Re: Ratchet drive problem

              A problem I have encountered with the symptoms you have described, is if the ratchet arm weldment is slightly bent,then it will rub on the crank weldment whilst trying to operate.Even with the correct washers fitted the problem still persists.


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                Re: Ratchet drive problem

                HA! Found it. Was the pull the pull through nipple on the uppper cup liner/starter pad on the lift arm rubbing the cross brace between the lift rails.

                I could never find it because it only happened on the last 1/4 inch of upward travel of the lift arm.

                Thanks for the input guys.
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                  Re: Ratchet drive problem

                  Great...glad you found it. Thanks for letting us know. Another thing we can file away in case something comes up like this for someone else.
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