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  • What the ?????

    G'day again fellas,
    I would like to know if and what im doing wrong when i do table adjustments and go to flag the table, ya know ya do as ya meant to, i remove the spot and respot rods wind table to spot height chock it up remove clevis bolt prop table on 3 5/16 plates loosen table post bolts and correctly position the flags according to the 3 pin spots. What i dont understand is why after you reconnect teh clevis wind the table back up to 355 the respot rod is always way out of adjustment and like one i did today the respot rod had to be wound in til it was at its shortest possible length. Now am i doing something wrong and if so what? Other than removing the counter balance springs am i leaving something out?
    Cheers Brett [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/confused.gif[/img] [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/confused.gif[/img]
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    Re: What the ?????

    When you move the table, the relationship between the rod and table. It is simple the distance has changed.

    The rods will also need adjusted if you only adjust the tie rods. The tilt will also affect these adjustments.


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      Re: What the ?????

      could be the 7/10 line is not ideal. I have in some center had to cut a rod or to make the ideal adjust ment work. just remember the book is just a starting point and depending on how low the wood is you may have to compinsate.
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        Re: What the ?????

        I never remove the spot respot rods when levelling or setting a is not necessary and as you say it has to be re balanced front to back after.
        Try using a small crow bar to move table back to desired position and measure off the kickback.if you have 5" min. oneach side and cups can be moved on yoke to spot freelt then you are fine.To move table back , loosen the bolts and use crow bar on table where legs are attached on the 7 pin side and move to desired position and tighten. On 10 pin side loosen bolts and table moves easily without the crow bar assuming noone has overtightended the the bolts and cut them into the aluminium casting.


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          Re: What the ?????

          if you are running out of rod, make sure that your machine frame is in its propoer position on the kickbacks


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            Re: What the ?????

            Essentially your proceedure is good, personally I never remove the clevis bolt nor do I remove the table springs.

            I always drop the spot and respot rods and keep the table casting supported on the 6519 (5/16") gauges, if you don't do that the flags won't read properly.

            Dropping the spot and respot rods eliminates the cam follower spring forces inparted on the table.

            9 out of 10 times you will need to re-adjust your spot and respot rods when flagging a table, as you are changing the relationship of the table to the main machine frame.

            Another important item is machine height over the pindeck, front to rear alignment over the 7-10 line, and machine centering.

            Lots of different opinions on the exact height, I have found that 19" fron the top of the pindeck to the bottom of the machine frame is the happy zone for all AMF 70 and 90 machines.

            I have a guide I can send to you if you like, e-mail me @

            I have noticed over the years, when you have a machine that is adjusted exactly over the 7-10 line and when the table is flagged exactly over the center of the pinspots the spot rod is usually as short as it can go when you finally get all table adjustments set.

            Other tripups include the installation of synthetic overlays, sometines the original pinspot location and the new pinspot location does not match up. I know of a center that had lanes that were 1/2" short from the foul line to 1 pin spot, the overlay was installed properly and we had to move machines to accomodate.

            Good luck

            Please.....follow the instructions!!



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