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screaming table bearing


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  • screaming table bearing

    one of our machines makes annoying noise during a cycle.
    No complains from bowlers yet but a sound asking for maintenance.
    For so far I can hear, the sound comes from a bearing between the torque arms and the table support assembly.
    Never replaced these bearings so I ask you experienced people how do you replace these? What happens when I support the table and loosen the bolts? How strong are the counter balance spings? do they pull the arms up? Is it dangerous?

    thank you in advance

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    Re: screaming table bearing

    Not too bad, but do em on a bench, and do em in pairs... may as well, i bet they both need it. Take some roller bodies and land the table on em flat on the pindeck. The bodies will keep the table from moving when you take the arms off. Do one at a time. Take the whole arm to the bench so you can get some snap rings in there and grease em up. RMEMBER TO LINE UP THE HOLE WITH THE ZERK FITTING OR YOU WILL BE PISSED LATER. Put the arm back on , THEN do the other one. Hopefully the table hasnt moved any. Its a rewarding project that builds character, and they sound grand when theyre done. Good luck
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      Re: screaming table bearing



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        Re: screaming table bearing

        Mostly it's just the bolt.
        Put the table down like Monkey said, loosen the nut as far as possible without falling off, grease or oil between the gaps on the bolt and the bearing and move the bolt a few turns clean the excess oil and put it back together again.
        Of course Monkey's way is the the correct way but I'm too lazy for that... [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/shocked.gif[/img]
        So it goes.


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          Re: screaming table bearing

          Enviro makes a nice replacement for the spherical bearing. I have been using them for a couple of years now and they are super quiet and seem to be holding up real well. You can contact Ed Fox at EBN services to get them.
          I leave the legs in the machine. I support the table on 2x4s and remove the counter balance springs and connecting rods. Hold the torque tube out of the way with a cord and change em. I have a right angle snap ring tool that works real well.


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            Re: screaming table bearing

            Originally posted by Lampie:
            grease or oil between the gaps on the bolt and the bearing. . . .Of course Monkey's way is the the correct way but I'm too lazy for that... [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/shocked.gif[/img]
            <font size="2" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">Yeppers. Just drop some 10W-30 on the shims/washers &amp; 95% of time squeek goes away in a few cycles


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              Re: screaming table bearing

              yea... hose 'em with b'laster to shut them up temporarily, then loosen 'em up, clean them, and relube. We never greased them, some of the machines don't even have zerks to do so. Hosing it off with Brakleen or Carnb &amp; choke cleaner, then coating the ball with synthetic lubricating oil did the trick... never saw any appreciable wear, and nary a peep out of them.

              We never got too much in the way of table bearing squeaks... every time I had a squeaky table, it was caused by the hook of the spring getting dry and rubbing against the hook on the table or the pivot at the top.
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                Re: screaming table bearing

                Yea, hit em with some spray lubricant; save all of that extra work for the Brunswick guys!
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