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    One of our sur piks periodically thows the belt off at the top. We have the same belts on other ones that have no problem. What do we need to look for

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    Re: sur pik

    Hope you're fairly well versed in Shur-Pik parts... [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif[/img]

    Check the uprail covers... if one of them gets a big wear spot in it, it can cause the ball to ride heavier on one side of the belt than the other... the belt rolls sideways against the ball, and when that roll in the belt gets to the top of the lift and pinches against the ball and pulley, it can cause the belt to ride up off the pulley.

    Pull the hood off the lift, turn off the sweep & table switches on the pair (run only the backends), and have someone keep throwing balls while you watch them return. If the ball tracking is causing thrown belts, you should be able to see the problem as the balls return, even if it doesn't toss the belt every time. The belt will deflect or ride up the side of the ball.

    While you're watching balls come up the tracks, make sure the leather strap is keeping them centered on the belt and keeping firm (but not overly tight) pressure on the ball as up travels up the rails. If the balls come up the rails and stall or spin before exiting, your spring tension on the belt or leather isn't right, or the track covers have worn spots.

    Make sure the top pulley shaft is secured, and that the pulley bearing isn't allowing any wobble or movement.

    Eyeball the pulley alignment with a flashlight by opening the trapdoor/sliding the plate back, looking from the upper pulley to the drive pulley, and from the upper pulley to the lower pulley. There should be very little to NO side-to-side misalignment... the belt should run straight as an arrow between the 3 pulleys.

    Pull the motor plug on the unit, then rotate the belt by hand, feeling the v-part of the back of the belt to see if it has worn, delaminated, torn, or separated from the wide portion of the belt.

    Balancing leather & belt tension on those animals is key... too little tension, the balls spin on the rails, too much and you get underground jams. I would suggest that you write down the position and location of the springs and the adjustable shafts before changing anything, so you can go back if the problem gets worse or changes. Once you get it solved, jot the settings down and attach it to the electrical box cover or somewhere with the unit for future reference.

    Keep us posted!
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      Re: sur pik

      If it has the black AMF belt, the V on the underside wears down and it slips off.

      Do check alignment as G said above.

      Buy other belts with a solid V to stay away from this problem.

      The AMF belt will run ok on some units......and on others the belt runs off easy.


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        Re: sur pik

        Also check the clearance on the lower leather belt and ball. I use a spot linkage rod which is 3/8x1/2 inches. to adjust the hieght at the bottum place a ball and raise it up the sure pik and place the 3/8 inch gauge on top of the ball. if the pressure plate assy. is to low it can cause problems. if you need to adjust up or down it is best to pull the tension springs first. If you don't the assy will shift "forward' which cause problems. recheck after instaling the springs. Also if the leather belt worn towards one side you can try turning it top to bottum and extend the life or through in a good spare. One other thing to look for is if the V portion of the belt is true, centerd to the flat portion of the belt. I have not had this problem but I was informed that thier was a belt that was sold from a reliable manuftor that the V was not centerd and caused all kinds of problems, I never got one of these belts but I was advised to check all belts upon recieving. Just a note LATER CHIEF AND PS I'M BACK FROM FISHIN AND IT WAS GREAT. hope to post more not realy hope to fish more


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