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PBL and light balls


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  • PBL and light balls

    I am doing some work on some 90’s in another town lately. They are sure nice to work on!

    But, this place puts out a ton of oil! The carry down looks like raindrops. They have some trouble with light balls on kids and ladies night.

    In looking at the PBL I had a thought. At another center I work at we recently installed mini-PBL’s. One of the things that makes them so successful is that the paddle moves so slowly.

    Have any of you guys tried to slow down the paddle on regular PBL’s.

    What else can I do about the light balls. The paddle just keeps pushing them out of the door before they have a chance to get lifted.

    Thanks for the help.

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    Re: PBL and light balls

    We put the adjustable rudder shocks on and got rid of the light ball sensor.Works like a charm.


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      Re: PBL and light balls

      Ensure that you have the 5 inch pulleys installed on the pbl. (The large ones that the carpet drive belt goes onto.) There are varying different sizes of pulley, but the larger ones you have the better, as this will slow down paddle travel from left to right. If the light balls are being kicked out there could be number of problems lurking!
      1. The carpet in the pit may be getting too tight. This will impeede the travel of light balls to the door. The balls will take longer to reach the door and on occasion struggle to go through the door. The paddle will just kick them out as they cannot enter the door as the carpet is too tight.
      2. The lift arm may not be adjusted correctly to lift light balls. The ratchet rod must be adjusted so that it will lift 6 and 16lb balling balls and ensuring a full revolution of the ratchet is achieved each time it is activated. The arm should sit just above the bottom of the ball doors.
      3. LBS is out of adjustment. Remember for correct operation of the LBS very little pressure is required on it to activate it. A 6 lb ball which is entering the door should have enough force to engauge the LBS. The paddle should give way and let the ball enter the door fully allowing it to be lifted up and returned to the bowler. If this is not the case further adjustment is required.

      For a heavy oil on the house shot, you can upgrade the lift rails of the PBL to AMF's gripper up rails. I have found that they work very well. No need for the expensive full PBL upgrade kit. Just order the thimbles, lower and upper gripper tracks and install them. This will help get older balls and heavier house balls up the PBL when a heavier oil is put out on the lane.
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        Re: PBL and light balls

        Reduction pully's with spring style paddle drive are the nut's

        I pulled all my LBS's & went this rout. SOOOO much better.

        Though the LBS's did make for some good morters. We managed to blow afew of them over 400 yards out into the lake.
        I'll be going down to Texas next spring to show pin-monkey how to blow them up.

        He needed some more stuff to put on his resume.
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          Re: PBL and light balls

          Hi mate,
          Check your light ball sensor, see if when the rudder goes all the way back are the cams being reset properly and going all the way up clearing the roller if not it will drive your 6lb balls back out, Also what size carpet drive pulleys are you using on your elevator? I found using teh larger 5" pulleys slowed things down a little.

          Hope this helps a bit???
          Cheers Brett
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            Re: PBL and light balls

            LBS is king.

            Just work with it and learn the adjustments.


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              Re: PBL and light balls

              LBS sucks, but if the boss won't go for new shocks to replace the LBS, the reduction pulleys help a BUNCH. I had my Dad's machines set up like this and never had problems getting the light ones in the lift.

              If you are having yo-yo's, try adding some shims between the bracket that holds the uprails and the bracket on the side of the machine. This gives less clearance between the lift belt and the rails. Or get some thicker rail covers. Maybe ask the manager to put out less oil for the ladies and kids?
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                Re: PBL and light balls

                The LBS’s work fine with light balls if adjusted properly. But, they do require more maintenance and money than the Super Shock lite kit. I believe the cost of the little flippers out weighs the cost of a complete conversion of the lite kit.



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                  Re: PBL and light balls

                  The LBS is very reliable if adjusted and maintained properly. With light balls being kicked out Alastair's tips should get you going; esp. the carpet (if it's a pumpkin one).
                  One thing that wsn't mentioned is the little tabs (070-011-077) that straddle the rudder cams like to wear out causing the rudder cam to sag lower, keeping the LBS in power drive mode kicking out light balls since they don't have the force to override the rudder cams. Check this also.
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                    Re: PBL and light balls

                    To know if your LBS is in power drive or normal drive:
                    Be very carefull,
                    let the machine run,
                    You can grab the rudder arm from the underside and hold it tight to one side.
                    The first 5-10 seconds you will be able to hold the arm, after that period, your rudder cams will be activated and you can't hold it any more.
                    Something is wrong if you can't hold the rudder arm the first seconds which means your LBS is in constant power mode.

                    In this case, as said, check the rudder blades reset properly and check your trip(anchor,banana)cam
                    when this part is adjusted improperly, the rudder cams will trip at the wrong moment.


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                      Re: PBL and light balls

                      Another way to check it is to put a stick in the rear hole of the rudder arm and hold it to the left or right to see if the positive drive kicks in, that way your not sticking your hands in around the belts and pulleys.

                      Just being safe..........
                      Please.....follow the instructions!!



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                        Re: PBL and light balls

                        Adjust the swing in power drive with some resistance on the stick(the rivet installation tool for instance), most of the time the rudder arm's swing is wide enough with heavy balls (thanks to sloppy connections) but light balls wont go in the ball door; Give it a big swing!!
                        So it goes.


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                          Re: PBL and light balls

                          I put a vantage reduction pulley on one that I was having a lot of problems with. Been on for 3 years now. It lets the light balls in with no problem.



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                            Re: PBL and light balls

                            I have LBS and think they work great! Once they are set they are good for a couple years. I blow them out every month, that's about it. I have a spare built just in case, takes 30 Min's. to install and adjust.



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                              Re: PBL and light balls


                              I wanted to let you know that I was not taking about taking out the LBS system. I have seen and I prefer a slower paddle. I was lust thinking of replacing the paddle drive pully. I was thinking it could help in this case.

                              I was watching things tonight and noticed something. The lanes that are having a lot of ball calls, with light balls. The balls are not even making it to the exit. They are just idling in front of the exit.

                              This gave me two thoughts. Shim up the bounce plate with washers on the common side. Or replace the front roller mount springs.

                              What do you all think? The 90’s are 5 years old. Springs can ware out in that much time, right? Carpets and all parts are genuine AMF. Carpets are orange with a big stamp in them.


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