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  • Inventory

    I need to know if anyone or AMF has a recommended part inventory list? 16 Lanes 82-70 XLI

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    Re: Inventory

    Simply, buy two good used machines for ten grand!(total)
    If at first you don't succeed, try, try, again. Then quit. There's no use being a damn fool about it." -W.C.Fields


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      Re: Inventory

      The current 16 run like crap, and need alot of new parts...2 machines wouldn't get me far...Does anyone know if Vantages "Small Parts Kit" is worth the $475? The owner wants to know that one.


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        Re: Inventory

        PM me your email, I'll send you a good starting-point spreadsheet tomorrow.


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          Re: Inventory

          Michigan- Start with a 500.00 buget a month. $300 of this budget-use for what needs to be replaced (a red flag list). Use the other $200 for your inventory or (yellow flag list) things that don't need immediate attention!!! In a year you'll be surprized how much you can do. I'm working on a program in my Laptop that all you do is count your invetory once a month and it will produce a parts to order sheet with the amount to order and how much you'll spend for the month!!
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            Re: Inventory

            i am working on a similar program but with access database


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              Re: Inventory

              I developed an access database that I use for parts inventory. When started database, I assigned each part a reorder level, bin location & price. When a part is used, it's entered in a workorder form. When the part(s) installed reach below the reorder level it automaticaly shows up in the Need to Order Report. I have a list of running inventory at all times.


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                Re: Inventory

                You know I went through something like this at my current location. Just go through each machine and work on it as you do you will see parts that need to be replaced. While waiting for these parts you will find others Etc Etc. Most of all the pinsetters need sweat equity. Keep good notes and work hard knowing there is a payoff at the end. This worked for me.

                I would be worried about just ordering an invintory list because you are going to see things that are not on it and once fixed they will not go bad etc. I am sure that you have some odd ball items to fix.

                It was a hastle for a while I felt like I was chasing my tail some of the time. But, it will come around, be honest with the owner. Then go to work it will all come around and soon you will be able to be proud of all that you have done.

                Start with each machine and order the parts that it needs etc.

                What I mean is that I would see a filler pad that is broken, take it off and notice the ball exit frame is broke also, then the starter pad needed to be replaced and on and on. The deeper I dug the more I would find. In the end this was a good thing. But man frustration was setting in.

                Stay calm and go to work. Contact bowltech for advice and support when needed. Work until you find the end of the rainbow. I started by pulling off a five gallon bucket of duct tape from the machines and two weeks ago we had three days with no calls and a 300 and an 800 series shot. AHHHH it was worth it!!! I earned my first tatoo, Corney but it matters! Wrench on Man!!!!

                I would like to post my Deadwood art but I do not know how. The artist was great! Cowboy skull with crossed bowing pins and Deadwood in script below (long story). The owner likes deadwood calls but to him that means good pin action. Fun!!!!!!!!!

                Best of luck. When they start working, man will you have something to be proud about!


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                  Re: Inventory

                  pat, this is what I do for a living, contract work, it is always rewarding to me...just never had top build an inventory for AMF machines. But, luckily I got the list I needed.


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