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  • Crazy Table

    Hey peoples,
    Long time no talkie,

    Here is my dilema, i have a lane that say one in every 10-15 frames cycles as normal, sweep drops to 66*, table comes down and picks up pins sweep goes through and back to 270* then just as the table is about to come back down to respot about 2 degrees down from the top it just stops with pins in the fingers and the sweep returns to zero with the table up in the air still holding the pins.

    Any help from the wonderful folks out there would be muchly appreciated

    Cheers Brett [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/burningmad.gif[/img] [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/confused.gif[/img]
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    Re: Crazy Table

    Hi also what i forgot to add to the post was what i have done to the lane;

    1st: Changed boards 1,2,3,5 one at a time(No change)
    2nd: Swapped chassis with next lane(No change)
    3rd: Replaced some dodgey pins and sockets on m/c side C1 and C2A plugs and fitted strain relievers and locking catches etc(No change)

    I am running SS Chassis with 5 boards.

    Could something like that be from crappy capacitors in the front wireway?
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      Re: Crazy Table

      hey brett its gump what bout the table micro switches behind the cam levers?


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        Re: Crazy Table

        Cam switches are out of adjustment.


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          Re: Crazy Table

          I would also start with the cam switches.


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            Re: Crazy Table

            If your table cam switches are in adjustment, you might have a dodgy connection to a switch or a bad switch. Couple of other things to look at is a weak lever spring or an indentation in the adjusting bolt for the TA2.



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              Re: Crazy Table

              I agree.

              It appears the timer is being reset at the wrong time.

              In a normal cycle - with 5-board setup - the timer is reset by a combination of SA and 'G' inputs.

              If you have unmodified machines where the sweep rise from 270 is triggered by TA1, then 'G' is TA1. If you have modified machines where the sweep rise from 270 is triggered by TA2, then 'G' is TA2.

              The OS switch can also cause the timer to be reset, but only comes into play if SA is not activated (since internally, OS activates SA). So based on your description, I don't think that's the problem (the sweep would stop earlier than 270).

              Does your sweep actually stop at 270, or just keep going?

              If TA1/TA2 (whichever is connected to 'G' as described above) is still activated when the sweep reaches SA, then the timer will reset, the sweep will continue back to 0 (and the table will stop when TA1 deactivates).

              As Triac said, a dodgy spring can make the cam switch turn off late. Alternatively, the sweep could be fast or early (you don't have different speed motors do you?).



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                Re: Crazy Table

                Reach up behind all your switches on the front with your finger and see if by chance you have loose terminal on one of your micro swtiches. [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/wink.gif[/img]
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                  Re: Crazy Table

                  Sounds like a bad or out of adjustment cam switch.
                  Give me a hammer and some duct tape and I can fix it!


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                    Re: Crazy Table

                    I go along with the cam adjustment brigade or sticky micro switch.


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                      Re: Crazy Table

                      If the cam switch adjustments fail, try changing the #4 board. Its not supposed to be affiliated with table or sweep control at all, but I've seen bad #4 boards do some finky things on machines in the past!

                      It does sound like table/sweep cams are out of adjustment or OOR switch is getting activated through TA2


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                        Re: Crazy Table

                        TA1 N.C.(5-board or early Omega) or TA2 N.C. (Modified 5-board or late Omega)tells the chassis when to raise the sweep from 270. As soon as this happens, reset logic gates turn the table off. Gotta be your TA1 or TA2 switch.

                        You can understand this by duplicating it on another machine. From the front, start a 1st ball cycle. As the table picks up the pins, TA2 will start the sweep run-through. Hold TA1 or TA2 lever out and watch as the sweep approaches 270. It will not stop at guard and the table will stop before descending. If all your chassis' are the same, this will tell you which switch raises the sweep.

                        Very often, this is a "sticky lever/weak spring" problem in the switch pack rather than an actual bad switch itself. In other words, the lever gets pushed out by the high side of the cam on the first rotation of the table shaft, but never fullt returns to push the button on the switch back in.


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