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National motor disasemble


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  • Coors
    Re: National motor disasemble

    Rebuilding Combo Motor
    -Grab Phillips head screwdriver and remove “top hat” total of 10 screws
    -Remove Brake Housing ( 2 screws)
    -Remove lock nut on rotor/shaft (Hammer & flat head screwdriver to knock it loose.
    -Remove 4 screws holding stator
    -Gently separate stator and rotor (hammer and punch)
    -Vacuum all dust possible
    -Spray windings and rotor with “Circuit Board Cleaner”
    -Repack bearings with grease
    -Place bottom “bell” on workbench
    -Place fan shroud centered over end bell
    -Place spring washer in bearing cup (bottom bell)
    -Place rotor assy into bottom bell
    -Carefully place stator over rotor, don’t forget the spring washer for the top bearing
    -Properly tighten four stator screws
    -Check rotor for free rotation, should spin for like 5 seconds after you spin it
    -Put brake disc on the rotor (& key)
    -Install washer & nut onto rotor
    -Reinstall brake springs & assy
    -Install new SSSS according to instructions
    -Replace as much old/fried wire as possible
    -Always label wires before removing ***est. time 40 min - 20 days. Motors are fickle little creatures. Once you take’m apart sometimes it takes forever to figure out what their problem is. And it never fails, when putting it back together, the LAST screw always falls inside the motor ***Pit Motors are the same procedure less the brake stuff

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  • TheGMan143
    Re: National motor disasemble

    For cleaning out dust and brush grit, I've had very good luck with ECG Electronics Wash (P/N: RX3200) and a couple puffs of compressed air.

    Is this a backend motor or a combo? Most nuts like that I start with a sharp punch and a couple light taps with a hammer to get it broken free, then it just spins off. You might need a puller to get the plate loose. I don't think we've ever lost the nut, so we never had to replace one.

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  • Akuma
    started a topic National motor disasemble

    National motor disasemble

    I trying to disasemble a National motor to clean out the insides real good. It still work nice but there is so much crap in the bottom of the motor the air doesn't flow through.

    The question is the nut on top of the shaft holding the plate, what tool works best on removing these. I have tried a spanner wrench to little success. Grainger # 1APC1 for the tool. Also good place for replacement nuts would be nice. Thanx

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