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Ball Lift Maintenance


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  • Ball Lift Maintenance

    Now that it is nearing summer, and becoming no "senior or Ole Biddy" Leagues during the day time of the year. My first summer obsession has become Ball lifts. I have humpbacks. Was curious if anyone else rips out and rebuilds yearly, and what specifically you aim for.

    I know we all do things differently there are no right or wrong answers. Just curious of others habits. what type of grease? oil? what do you oil? any measurements or eyeballing?

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    Re: Ball Lift Maintenance

    If it ain't broke, don't fix it. [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif[/img]
    Valkyrie: The American made motorcycle that Harley Davidson WISHES it could build.


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      Re: Ball Lift Maintenance

      1. Tighten all ball door nuts. Replace them with stover lock nuts if they used the nylock nuts on the original install.

      2. Replace the plastic lift arm bracket to door ring spacers with 3/8 rockalloy flat washers. Space the rear bracket away as far as possible with allowing the lock nuts to still engage the last thread on the studs welded on the door rings. If the plastic spacers fail, the ball will contact the rail bracket and cause ball damage.

      3. Visually inspect the lift arm and delta bracket. replace if necessary.

      4. Tighten the lift rod bolts and visually inspect the rail coverings. If the bolts are loose, remove and reinstall with medium strength Loctite.

      5. Remove and solvent tank the rudder drive mousetrap assembly. Have a spare built and reinstall as the other dries off.

      6. Inspect all carpet and rudder drive belts.

      7. Wipe off the inside of the machine side plates to keep dirt transfer to customers to a minimum.

      8. If you are not rebuilding the lift, apply grease sparingly to the Torrington clutch and race assy. Lubricate the ball lift wishbones with non detergent oil.

      9. Reinstall lift with the split shaft nut plates at a 45 degree angle to the floor to allow for for or aft mismatch on the machines.

      10. Adjust lift bumpers to allow for 1/8 clearance between small of belt and ball. Check each side of the machine. They can be different.

      11. Throw balls on each lane. If ball idles in ball door lower lift until heavy balls are lifted and light balls make it in the door.



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        Re: Ball Lift Maintenance

        king, sounds like me,

        in the past ive used a Premium Red Grease to repack Bearings & Clutches. This year Ive switched to a Lighter Grease (Blue In Color) Called "Leverage". I dont apply grease sparingly to clutches, i load it on, and wipe the excess once back together. was wondering how many others grease their clutches.

        the humpback ball doors do seem to come loose. I have already changed to stovers, and now tighten them down with a breaker bar while the lift is out.

        Humpbacks have been working Flawlessly since the Tabbed/Moulded Belt era.


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          Re: Ball Lift Maintenance

          King, Do U have light ball sensors or spring shocks on your humpies??
          People tell me I'm indecisive, but I just don't know...


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