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  • sweep cam switches

    Hey everybody, Good day to ya.

    I am having a sweep cam issue, Hoping you all may know what the deal is.

    Here is what is going on, my lane 10 goes down for a gearbox issue, after i get it all going, the sweep will come to first guard, then travel back and stop @ the 7-10, table SOMETIMES comes down and they interlock... I knew this was the cams, so i adjusted and put new switches in. same result. SO, KNOWING that something is wrong with the cam switches, I take the switches out of lane 9, and put them in 10. lo and behold, 10 works great. so I put the new switches in lane 9 and guess what...... as sweep is coming to 2nd guard it stops BEFORE it gets to 2nd guard (at about the 1 pin) table does its thing but the sweep stays put.

    Now, the new switches i put in do not look like the old ones, but i had even got those from another head mech at another center, and we both know there is no reason why they shouldnt work. ???????????

    anyone have a clue whats goin on?

    also, you all are great and somedays i think i couldnt do my job without this site. Thank you

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    Re: sweep cam switches

    You're sweep cams are out of adjustment.
    Since these are brand new switches on 9, they need to be adjusted with the guage. You need part # 030 002 748. Crank the sweep to get the cams at their lowest point. Each one must be done individually. At the lowest point, the flat part of the cam will be perpendicular to the lane/pindeck. The guage has a skinny end and a fat end. You need to adjust the screw for the cams at the flat spot so that the skinny end doesn't activate the switch but the fat end does. Do this for all 3 switches. Once the levers are adjusted, you need to rotate your cams to obtain proper stopping positions. SB cam controls 1st guard which is 66* and SA cam controls 2nd guard which is 270 *. SA also controls 0*. Any more questions, just ask.



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      Re: sweep cam switches

      I agree with Wang. His procedure is dead on. If that does not resolve the problem, and you feel that there is a bad switch, any of them could (theoraticly) be the cause. If that is the case, I would swap out 1 at a time with a known good one. Just because they are not brand new dosent mean they are good.

      Good luck.


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        Re: sweep cam switches

        when i adjusted the cams, i did all that.... adjusted w/ guage and all... its all perfect, even had the same problem with different switches (of the same type) seems to be in the switches themselves, as i siad, the switches are not the same as the ones that where in, but ARE SUPPOSED to be for the cams, so, no reason they shouldnt work. and i have tried diff. switches... its like, I KNOW if i took the switches out of lane 8 and put them in 9, im SURE 9 would work fine( as was the case with taking the switches out of 9 to put in 10)

        Do different models of 82-70,s use diff. switches???


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          Re: sweep cam switches


          You're next step is to double check the wiring for the switches. They are as follows:

          Wire color Destination

          White SA(NC) to TS(31)
          Brown SB(NC) to TS(16)
          RED SB(NO) to TS(1A2)
          GREEN SC(COM)to TSA(1)
          BLACK SA(COM)to TS(15)
          PINK SC(NO) to TSG(1)
          YELLOW SC(NC) to TS(9)
          BLUE SA(NO) to TS(14)

          NO = Normally Open NC = Normally Closed Com =Common

          Also there is a jumper wire from SA common to SB common.

          Verify the wiring to make sure you didnt cross a wire when you were reinstalling new switches.



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            Re: sweep cam switches

            there is something missing here. double check the wiring as Wang said. the fact that you used 3 untested switches is suspect. i would test them one at a time if all else fails.


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              Re: sweep cam switches

              check the terminals with a meter to determin if the n/o and n/c are in the same location. sometimes with different switches the position of the terminals are opposite.
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                Re: sweep cam switches

                From the symptoms you described, it sounds as if your sweep may be running backwards. Watch the rotation of the motor and cams to see if this is what is happening.

                If so...It may be (out of adjustment/bad) centrifugal mechanism/switch, weak capacitors or a crushed wire (from the sweep reverse switch) either in the wireway or in mechanics control box.



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                  Re: sweep cam switches

                  Like wang said, double check the wiring connections for Common/NO/NC. The newer switches have the terminals in different places, so that mistake is easily made. Also, make sure the insulators are in place so the flag terminals don't make contact with the switch cluster housing (contact with housing = ground = problems)
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                    Re: sweep cam switches

                    It sounds, as Triac says a probable motor issue.
                    If you have done some work on the motor wiring or related area then you only need to mix up two wires and you end up with the sweep reverse problem.
                    Hope you get it sorted.


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                      Re: sweep cam switches

                      I've seen a very similar thing happen on my lane 16. Turned out to be a gimpy micro switch on the TA2 cam. If all else fails, give that a try.


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