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82/70 Pinspotter Maintenance Survey


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  • 82/70 Pinspotter Maintenance Survey

    How often do you mechanic's out their in cyberspace tear down your combination motors,
    backend motors, lowerends and lube machines?
    I work in a 30 lane center and it's been my practice for 27 years to do this maintenance
    on a once a year basis is this overkill?
    Those motor's sure in he** aren't getting any
    lighter, and my bosses ain't payin me what I
    feel I'm worth, I take pride in what I do but
    the bosses could give a s*** this of course is my
    opinion. Let me know your routine's, by the way
    the center I work in is medium to high lineage
    somewhere in between.

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    Re: 82/70 Pinspotter Maintenance Survey

    I tear pits out every 2 years.
    This is a complete rebuild.
    Bearing washed and repacked.
    New vibration dampeners.
    Front roller lubed.

    I have all ss relays in the channels.
    No need to inspect.
    Change oil every 5 years.
    Blow out with a leaf blower every 6 months.

    Ball lifts.
    Take apart exits yearly.
    Rebuild and wash and repack bearings every 2 years.

    Shur stucks.
    Blow out motors and hand dryers with a leaf blower every 6 months.
    Wash and repack bearings every 2 years.
    Wipe belts twice a week.

    Do yourself a favor and shop around if they are not paying you what you are worth.



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      Re: 82/70 Pinspotter Maintenance Survey

      If it ain't broke, don't fix it. However, that doesn't mean that it shouldn't be maintained. We blow out every part of every machine & mop carpets once a month. Lube a pair per week. (12 pairs = every 3 months) General wipe down, once a week & belts every day.

      When we get caught up on the 40 years of neglect that occurred before I became full time, things will probably change. For now, we'll just keep trying to stay far enough ahead of things to make a difference. (So far, so good)



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        Re: 82/70 Pinspotter Maintenance Survey

        With 27 years of should know wether you are doing it often enough or not. If you are happy with your results at this point, I wouldn't try to change anything now. If you aren't happy with the pay, that's a different story. With your experience, you should have no problems finding an owner willing to pay you what you are worth. Just my opinion...
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          Re: 82/70 Pinspotter Maintenance Survey

          Ive always said, "Never awake a sleeping giant." But now that im at a center which has been neglected for about 20 years I decided to change my mind. Just this past tue. night a back end motor stopped running just as league hit the floor. As i got it to start a cloud of dirt and dust blew out of the motor. Needless to say it was electical but when i took the head off and into the shop there was an inch of dirt inside the head and even more inside the stator. And when I blow out a combo motor head its black dust from the brushes. So Until such time where my place is running up to par I will have to go through everything. Currently im doing cushions.

          When i worked for AMF, I used to go through every gearbox every 2 years, lube every time we heard a squeek and lube up dist. clutches every 3 months due to linage.

          Well thats just like your opinion man...


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            Re: 82/70 Pinspotter Maintenance Survey

            HEY JIM


            JEFF KUHNLE
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              Re: 82/70 Pinspotter Maintenance Survey

              -Gearboxes get a kerosene flush and oil change every 4 years or so.
              -Motors get the dust blown/vacuumed out every 1-2 months or so.
              -Distributor clutches are disassembled, inspected, cleaned, and relubed every 90 days or so.
              -Distributor pans/rails/belts are cleaned nightly, entire unit cleaned/relubed/adjusted every 4 months.
              -Front ends are cleaned and regreased every 6-8 months.
              -Table/respot mechanisms are cleaned & lubed every 6 months.
              -Ball handling units/belts are cleaned & inspected every 1-2 weeks, ball wiper cloths are changed every 30 days.
              -Machines get checked top-to-bottom & front-to-back for problems and potential problems every year (summer maint.). All tables are put back on-spot as well if needed.

              For the gearboxes, I only rebuild them if there is a problem with them... Best thing to have for checking gearboxes is a 'mechanic's stethoscope'... put the prod against the gearhead housing and take a listen while it runs... once you get used to it, you can almost 'see' inside the gearhead just by the sounds it makes. Listen to a couple known-good, new, or just-rebuilt gearheads to get a feel for what they are supposed to sound like, and you'll start picking out worn geartrains/bearings like nothing.
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                Re: 82/70 Pinspotter Maintenance Survey

                I do most of the PM work myself, but you need to have a defined PM schedule for the night b guy or pinchaser. Delegating is crucial. I keep the cleaning up to the guys at night. The simple lubrication can also be done at night.

                Anything a night guy can see from the floor is his. Motors, front end, dist, everything else is mine, or else I would not have a job.


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                  Re: 82/70 Pinspotter Maintenance Survey

                  Originally posted by 82/70 king:
                  Do yourself a favor and shop around if they are not paying you what you are worth.

                  <font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial">thx to bowltech im now makin well over 2X what i was makin in '99. good thing bowltech doesnt send me a 10-99 or somethin...LOL


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                    Re: 82/70 Pinspotter Maintenance Survey


                    I happy to hear you are making more.

                    The owners of old time just stuffed their pockets with dough.

                    Now we share in the wealth.



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