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  • Sur-Pick


    Well there has been an issue with a pair of lanes. The were coming on when the lanes were turned on. BUT, would shut off after about 8 minutes. The Desk persons would flip the aux switch and leave me a note. (I have been really sick for the last month and was hardly in.) On one of my trips in during the day. I pulled the hood off and opened the top of the control box for the return. Went and turned on the lane to look at it run. And within about 45 seconds it started to spark at the relay and and a few seconds later the stupid thing cought on fire.

    So i just went and replaced the box, and the 4 crisp wires. The box i put onTurned on and stayed on when the lanes were turned on. Happy with the result i turned the lanes off and proceeded to my next project. about 4 hours later i was walking past the pair of lanes with the fire. And only to notice that the upfront return was still running. Puzzeled by this i spent the next 6 hours (Yes 6 Hours) working on that one issue. Annoyed by this i replace the control box AGAIN! Now this one will not turn on with the lane. And the desk persons are back playing with the Aux switch. Since i have replaced the M2 relay int eh chassis and checked and rechecked the wiring to make sure i had it right. Still no change. I tried following the schems. but to no affect as none of the returns i have work and are wired different form the schematics.

    I can't seem to resolve this problem. My brain is now offically Jello.

    Any help? Other thoughts?


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    Re: Sur-Pick

    1st, check the underlane wire for shorts and breaks.

    Put a jumper on the 2 and 4 terminals in thr TS closest and parallel to the foul line. If the Sure Pik does not stop after 8 minutes, the problem is in the wiring between the pinspotter and the control box for the Sure Pik.

    Also check the safety switch under the trap door. If the switch is loose or the tray is loos it could cause the lift to come on and gooff on its own.


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      Re: Sur-Pick

      Let me know if King's fix works. I am interested in knowing your soloution. Sure stucks are hard to figure out, King I did not know about about using a jumper to help dg the problem.

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        Re: Sur-Pick

        Just as a quick check... Check as King specified. If the unit continues to run away like that again, open the control box and tap the relay with the butt of a screwdriver. If the unit stops running, your motor may be pulling too much current for some reason, and burning the contacts together. Some of those AMF OEM relays seemed to have really soft contact pads that would arc together and stay closed, especially if the motor was heating them up a bit from pulling more current than normal. I had a couple of them do that, and after converting them to the multiple contact mod, they worked well.

        If you changed out the control box, you might also have one with a bad socket. I can repost the mod to change over the contacts to multiple and eliminate the troublesome socket in the shurpik box if you want to see it.

        Let us know
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          Re: Sur-Pick

          After about another 6 hours of tinkering with it. I figured out it was not the wires, the communicatin from the back, nor any relay. On a leap of faith i decided to change out the terminal boards. And what ya know.... That was it!!!! Finally one headache gone away, time for the next....

          I did see your post on the socketless relays. I am planning to start on that as soon as some general maint is completed around here..

          Theroy? This problem started right after the power went out one day. I just learned that little bit of info late last night after i made the post. Could that cause the issue?

          But thanks guys for the responce. I will for sure keep all this in mind for the next set of problems that come up on these sure-pik p.o.s.

          Thanks Guys!



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