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Sweep runs 6" & stops


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  • Sweep runs 6" & stops

    Have a chassis (tried it on 2 different lanes) that when cycled the sweep will stop after just dropping about 6 inches. Keep pushing the cycle button nothing happens. Have Omega-Tek boards and have tried 2 different boards. The sweep runs fine with sweep run switch and SA cam. All cams look fine. The sweep contactor engages when cycled but disengages after the sweep drops just a bit.
    Thanks for any ideas.

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    Re: Sweep runs 6" & stops

    I would start with swaping out the boards with good lanes. If you have expanders, make sure to put it on a different lane than the basic, and see if the problem follows one of the boards.


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      Re: Sweep runs 6" & stops

      Like I said in the original post, I have tried 2 different boards in the chassis. Same result. No expanders, just the basic Omega-Tek board. Problem I would assume has to be in the chassis, not the board.


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        Re: Sweep runs 6" & stops

        Check the C1 and C2 plugs for bad sockets and pins.


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          Re: Sweep runs 6" & stops

          Sorry, I misread it.

          Seeing as how the sweep will run fine with both the run switch and the cam switch, It sounds like your high voltage is fine. I would check low voltage. the C-2a (as king suggested) is a good starting point. Make sure you dont have some intermintant short in the wire way. Also check the A+MC plug to insure it is tight.

          Another long shot (pretty long) see if the instructo mat wires in the A+M C box are close to touching eachother. If your machines are connected to the curtian wall, there is a very slight (and I mean very slight) chance that the vibration of the sweep starting might make a split second conection.


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            Re: Sweep runs 6" & stops

            I have looked at the C1 & C2 plugs pretty close but will look again.
            I have moved the chassis between several machines so don't believe it has anything to do with the A+M C box.
            No matter how many times I cycle it the sweep will stop in the exact same place. The sweep contacts will engage for the split second and drop the sweep the 6-8" and then the contacts disengage.
            I will give it another try Monday morning.
            Thanks for the ideas.


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              Re: Sweep runs 6" & stops

              If the problem doesn't move or change with swapped boards, and being that you say the sweep is stopping / cutting out in about the same place each time with different chassis / boards, I'd say the sweep cams, switches, and their associated wiring harness bear some close inspection. Go through your cam adjustments first, then do some inspecting. Watch the SA cam and switch as the sweep starts and then stops to see if it's moving smoothly.
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                Re: Sweep runs 6" &amp; stops

                I too would have thought the SB cam, but you said you tried it on more than one machine.

                Are you trying to cycle with the scoring cycle button? If you're using AccuScore, then it won't cycle unless the scoring start switch on the sweep is closed. However, that doesn't apply to the cushion start switch or 10th frame switch. Although, frankly I can't think of why that distinction may make any difference to your problem.

                Does the machine continue its cycle after the sweep stops? I figure not unless the SB switch is activated (but that would also imply the SB cam is out of adjustment). What happens on first versus second ball?

                The main thing that can stop the sweep during its run from 0 to 66 (distinctly from any other time) is the instructomat input. If somehow it is being incorrectly fed when the sweep starts, it will stop the sweep. If you run the sweep with the SA or SWS, the instructomat has no effect.

                So, I would be looking in the chassis at the instructomat circuit and especially where it gets near the sweep contactor circuit (e.g. the instructomat power wire runs from T2 under the sweep contactor - could it be jammed in the bottom of the contactor?). Clutching at straws perhaps, but it's the closest thing to the symptoms that I can think of right now.



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                  Re: Sweep runs 6" &amp; stops

                  The machine does not continue its cycle once the sweep stops. The table does not run.
                  It is also the same either on 1st or 2nd ball cycle.
                  I'll try to look at the instructomat circuit this morning.
                  Thanks again.


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                    Re: Sweep runs 6" &amp; stops

                    I went back and read the posts... I, too, mistook it to be on the machine... seems that it's in the chassis.

                    That being said, I have a fairly crazy notion of what might be happening... you said it stops in the same place every time after a second or two of run, indicating to me that it is a mechanical stop... not in the gearbox, but caused by mechanical movement.

                    Guys... chime in on this, I'm only guessing....

                    If the pins on the C2A were miswired on that chassis, to where SA and SB were interchanged or shorting between each other, I believe it would do exactly what he's describing.
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                      Re: Sweep runs 6" &amp; stops

                      Would like to try that out later G-Man. Reversing SA and SB, too see what happens.

                      Perhaps the fuses are blowing when the sweep stops? Do you have push button fuses? and do they blow at any time on this nuisance chassis? This may cause the sweep to stop travelling?
                      (Just a shot in the dark)

                      Believe it or not had a chassis last week with this problem, but it turned out to be the MK-70 board at fault.

                      A even longer shot could be that the Lane A card for that bank of machines is on the way out. Have found that some chassis are more sensitive than others and are more suseptible to the effects of up front than others.
                      Try the chassis on a different bank of eight lanes just in-case. (1-8, 9-16, 17-24 etc..)

                      Years ago, when I first started as a tech, had a chassis once which would just not cycle at all. Sweep contactor would click on and off. The head tech at the time went through every single lane in the centre with this chassis, and on the last lane he tried it on, it worked!

                      Has any work been carried out on the plugs on the chassis of late? you might find that someone has been playing around and a mistake has been made, resulting in the now problem.
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                        Re: Sweep runs 6" &amp; stops

                        i had a similar problem at a house a few years ago

                        the problem was the towns power supply was getting drained at certain times, the board must have at least 105 volts supplied to the chassis or it goes a little "dumb"

                        got the power company to up the taps on the local transformer and my problem disappeared
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                          Re: Sweep runs 6" &amp; stops

                          Right-O craigchandler! I was called in to a 10-laner that just switched to Omega-Teks. I finished the installation, tested everything, went home, and received a call that none of the machines would cycle for the league.

                          Upon returning, I realized that I tested the machines with the tenth frame switches and the PBC button. But when bowling, the cycle switch closure is just a fraction of a second. From the front, it appeared that the sweep was not dropping, but from the back I could see it would run a few degrees and stop.

                          So I simulated that micro-second switch closure by just tapping the cycle button and, sure enough, the sweep only dropped a few inches.
                          Turns out that the power in the building was minimal (109 - 110v), but all the wiring was under rated (R&amp;S main 14 awg instead of 12 or 10) and the main breaker box for the pinspotters was downstairs under lane 1's approach!

                          Clue: everytime someone bowled, the house lights would dim as a sweep motor started up.

                          Try this: Hold the cycle button in and see if the sweep will run to 66.

                          Talk to Jim at OmegaTek for more details. He may be able to modify your boards to handle more delicate service power supply.


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                            Re: Sweep runs 6" &amp; stops

                            Any luck yet gutterboy ???
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