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Distributor belt alignment


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  • Distributor belt alignment

    Was replacing a dizzy belt today with a new style one, which is slightly wider than a standard belt, anyhow, having a little trouble centring the belt on the distributor.

    Followed the 90xli manual today to do the belt lacing, have a leading edge etc..

    Replaced out the roller assembly bearings and cleaned all the rollers. Fitted belt and ran pit. Belt would slightly rub off of the bottom roller assembly (the one with the spring).
    Loosened of both bolts for top and bottom rollers to see if it would align, but it didn't. Bent side links so that the belt would track exactly in the centre of the bottom roller assembly. Tightened up bolts, top and bottom.

    The belt would now run centre of bottom roller but over all would travel over the big roller and front roller of dizzy a quarter inch off to the right, just missing the frame of the dizzy by a few mills. Replaced out concentric roller to try and level dizzy side to side to see if belt would move across but it didn't.

    Spring is on the centre slot, did try various positions but to no avail.

    What am I missing here?? How can I improve this situation?

    Distributor is level also.
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    Re: Distributor belt alignment

    It sounds like the splice is off, not cut straight?

    If it is one of the new, pre-cut belts I would say it's a factory f@$%# up, not knowing if you made the splice or not?

    Ours will not track perfectly straight, but I bend the links to a point that it stays clear of everything throughout its travel to all the bins.

    Sometimes just the right minor bend makes it run fantastic, just like being off a pinch one way or the other will make it drag as it orients to the 7 or 10 sides, pending on bend.

    The distributor needs to incorperate some kind of jack-bolt type system on the front roller by the fingers, then adjustments would be a breeze!
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      Re: Distributor belt alignment

      The belt is cut straight as checked with set square. Laced myself following instructions in the xli manual which I found on the net. (but anyway, thats just the same way as we have always done it!)

      The old dizzy belt which was on this dizzy had cut throught the dizzy casing by over 1/4 of an inch!! [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/eek.gif[/img]
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        Re: Distributor belt alignment

        Which part of the casing? Is it in a point that might have tweeked the squareness?
        That alone could be your trouble?

        There is no true trick I know of, except for bending those brackets?

        I have 82/70's and I'm not sure if xli's are exactly the same? If they are, have you changed slots with the spring? You may have to tryone or two each way, rebend links, etc...

        Those castings can warp without damage though, and with a 1/4 inch eaten away, I might take care of that first.
        It's been awhile but I have much more to share!!!


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          Re: Distributor belt alignment

          The casing on the right hand side beside the lateral spring. (opposite the clutch)

          The only thing I can think of now, is perhaps the large wheel/pulley at the rear has worn on the shaft (the one the clutch is on) causing a slope?
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            Re: Distributor belt alignment

            Try flipping the big wheel 180 degrees and see if that swing s the problem the opposite direction?
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              Re: Distributor belt alignment

              Since your belt is cut straight, try this…..Carefully inspect the roller (that is exposed to the top surface of the belt) that is located in the lower carriage unit. If it does not have a hump in the middle with straight smooth edges to the outside, it will need to be replaced. A straight edge will help to determine this by comparing it to the other rollers. Also any other rollers that do not have a hump (or a very low one) in the middle should be replaced.

              Since you bent the brackets to the tensioned assy, I would replace them. Then slide lower carriage to line its roller to the tension roller and adjust the tension assy so that its roller lines up with the carriage roller. Do this by loosening the nut for tensioned assy for the shaft tube and tap it over.

              I doubt the large main roller to be defective. Although, the shaft that goes thru it may be worn cocking it off. This too should be inspected.



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                Re: Distributor belt alignment

                I generaly leave both bolts (upper and lower roller) slightly loose in the tracking bracket. I then crank the dist. you can pull one leg of the track bracket forward and one back..... then reverse... until you find its 'happy place'... then tighten the bolts. (most of the time, the movement of the belt will align the legs on its own)


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                  Re: Distributor belt alignment

                  Do this After doing what triac Said
                  there is no need to bend anything
                  remove the distributor belt
                  remove the two large roll pins in the front distributor casting
                  look from the front of the distributor along
                  the 2 rollers( Belt Pulleys) on the distributor carriage
                  these should line up perfectly with the rear main
                  if not turn the front casting on the main carriage support tube (070 006 120)
                  it should turn with little force
                  once in alignment reinstall the 2 large roll pins
                  re check that everthing is still lined up
                  if it is not possible to get the three pulleys to line up the main carriage support tube should be replaced

                  Just a Quick note: these tubes should never ever be put in a vice to hold the distributor in the workshop
                  they bend quite easy and can cause exactlly the problems discribed
                  make a post and bolt it to the work bench so you
                  can sit the distributor on just like when its on the machine
                  have you ever had a distributor that just wont line up ( trip rocker weldment hits somewhere ect.)
                  9 out of 10 times this main tube is the cause
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                    Re: Distributor belt alignment

                    Thanks pulsetech.

                    A clever man contacted me the other day about this issue and told me the same thing. If the carridge tube section of the distributor does NOT form a perfect rectangle, then the belt will not track correctly.

                    You could replace the tubes etc to correct this. You could as I was suggested to do, is to measure the distance between each side. (even if the carridge is out by a sixteenth then the belt will not track correctly)
                    You can measure both sides and drill a new hole inbetween the two and re-pin so the carridge is now perfectly square.

                    Will look into this once have got a spare moment.
                    Bring me the freshest "Mean Green" known to man! Juice on!


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                      Re: Distributor belt alignment

                      Actually, to find true squareness(?) you must measure corner to corner. Even if both tubes are same length and square at each corner, your rectangle can still be out of square.
                      Trust me, I built extrusional dies for a living for quite a few years, and without double checking the corner to corner measurements many of lob-sided bricks would be out there!
                      For those of you in New York City, check out the ABC Broadcasting Building erected in the late 80's early 90's, those are my bricks!
                      It's been awhile but I have much more to share!!!


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