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  • Crazy Sweep

    Machine will sporadically cycle when in 1st or 2nd ball cycle. If on 1st ball will score a gutter, if on 2nd ball will score a miss. The machine will run a few frames to several games with no problems. Then out of the blue the machine will cycle, normally causing a ball to crash into the sweep.

    Done the following..
    Switched out Solid State Chassis and XOP card.
    Switched out Curtain Wall Chassis.
    Put on new micro switch at cushion.
    Checked terminal strips for broken wires.
    Switched out sweep motor.
    Check backend control box for loose/broken wires.
    Verified that pins are not triggering cushion switch.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated....

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    Re: Crazy Sweep

    The fact that it is scoring narrows it down. What type of scoring do you have? I know that Accuscore has the 10th frame switch going thru the scoring. May have a weak membrane in that switch or a bare wire underground that is getting run over by a ball.

    If you have electronic triggering it may be cross talking, out of adjustment or wires getting run over underground.

    Look in the A&MC box for a pinched wire or wires touching 1&2 or ground. Also, If it is frequent enough you can disconnect matching pair of wires (that go thru scoring) in the A&MC box (1 &2) to isolate the problem to one defective component.



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      Re: Crazy Sweep

      We have Accuscore Plus with Creative Technology XOP board w/sweep reverse interface. Do not have electronic triggering.

      When the paired lane is running with this machine it seems to be more likely to have this sweep/cycle problem.

      Will check into the A&MC box.


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        Re: Crazy Sweep

        I think Triac nailed it with the 10th frame switch. possible wires touching or bad switch.
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          Re: Crazy Sweep

          Yes, It does sound like the tenth frame switch.
          I personally do not go near the A+MC box if i can possibly help it.

          Problem location is "key" when it comes to identifiying the cause of a problem. I would personally disconnect the A+MC plug on the side of the machine first, as it is easiest, and make a wire with two male ends on it, and plug it into pins 5 and 6 of the female end. This way you are elliminating the ball return up top, without delving into the A+MC box. If the problem still exists, then you can problem solve further as Triac so wisely suggests.

          On a long shot note:

          1. is the sweep sliding at all? especially when returning home? could be enough to trigger the machine to cycle?
          2. Check the plate isn't gummed up or worn on the start switch, on the cussion?
          3. Replace the cussion switch spring, as if it is too weak then this will cause the machine to cycle randomly also.
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            Re: Crazy Sweep

            The plastic 10th frame switches we were getting a few years were NG. As the assy. is pushed down in place, the switch becomes distorted and the contacts get very sensitive. A dropped ball on the rack was enough to cycle the mach..
            We started cutting off two plastic tabs before pushing it into place on the Sure Pik return.
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              Re: Crazy Sweep

              I have also had a similar situation. It turned out to be the wires coming up from behind the down sweep as they are taped/wire tied to the frame of the even lane machine. The sweep from the even lane was rubbing the wires and was randomly cycling the other lane as they got shorted together, also caused a continous cycle for a few frames until the wires became unshorted. It was a very annoying problem as it was hard to pinpoint. I would do as alastair has suggested and jump pins 5 and 6 in the AMC plug to see if you can locate the source of the problem.



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                Re: Crazy Sweep

                i had the tenth frame switch wire under gutter section and someone went through and tightened gutter straps.he screwed in the middle of the cord .when ball hit gutter at just the right distance it cycled mach.i found it kneeling in gutter checking wire,when i bumped gutter almost drop sweep on myself.(i took it off at 1 &2 in amc box for a shift and didnt have a problem so i checked tenth frame button then wiring.


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                  Re: Crazy Sweep

                  Possibly found the problem, appeared to be in the reset switch on the C90 ball return. Not positive but have tested out with several games and no intermittent cycle yet. Will know for sure tomorrow when we use it on league. Disconnecting the wiring from the bowl return and the A&MC box started us down the right path.


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