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  • stuck in elevator

    I have had an odd problem lately. On several lanes in the low (1-18) side of a 50 lane center I have had pins stay in the elevator, not even touch the kidney, and go over the top of pan and crash into the pit. These are new amflite glows. I have switched pins around to first see if that was the problem. I have removed the pin brackets and replaced/switched them with other good lanes.Making sure the odd lanes had 31's and even 30's. Checked elevator and yes they are shiny clean not warped seem fine. But still occasionally They just go over. No deck spray on these lanes either. What am I missing ?

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    Re: stuck in elevator

    Only time I've seen something like that happen is if the orientor pan is too far forward or the distributor is too high on the post. I've never seen them stick in the pinwheel before.



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      Re: stuck in elevator

      maybe the laws of gravity are beginning to fail at your lower end? l've never seen that situation in my 17 yrs of working on pinspotters...
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        Re: stuck in elevator

        If the pin is "not even touching the kidney", then this is a little strange. If the pin did not touch the kidney/pin guide it would fall directly down into the pit again, due to the fact of gravity, unless the elevator has been covered in glue or the likes!?!

        Perhaps the pins are spinning off the pan as the rotate?? If they are going right over the pan, then I would check the pin guide adjustment. Level the dizzy and the pan if you wish also. Ensure it is as close to the wheel as possible in the 1, 7 and 10 pin positions without rubbing it. You could even try swapping out pans with the lane next to it also.

        Check out the distributor runner guides/ o pan guides topic, its very interesting also.
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          Re: stuck in elevator

          I have experienced the exact same problem you speak of MREESSR. Never tried to figure out why it would just start at some point in time, but the fix that I employed was fairly simple. On the 330 and 331 pin holder brackets that you mentioned, if you look closely at many of them on many different lanes, I think you'll find they are not all the same. At the "end" of the holders where it grabs the pins the metal is bent slightly, but some are bent more than others and also some are longer in that area. The temporary fix is put a little lane oil on that "hooked" area and it should then release the pin as normal. The permanent fix which I did was to grind that hooked area down so it could not hold the pin past the apex of the pinwheel. Odds are you'll need to grind all 7 on each lane that is doing this. Put some cardboard at certain points in the pit area to control where the metal shavings go as to help make clean-up easier. Just grind enough off to reduce the exaggeration of the hook, but at the same time retain the intended shape of the holder. Never had the problem again after grinding them. Had to do this on about 6 out of 56 lanes. Obviously, where goggles and ear protection.

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            Re: stuck in elevator

            Thanks Alan , I was beginning to think nobody believed me [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/frown.gif[/img] I will try your solution and let you know how it goes.


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              Re: stuck in elevator

              All of us in high humidity areas have always had this problem. Add high heat (no air conditioner) with dirty pinwheels and pins and your probability for this increases. The pins just seem to defy the law of gravity. Just notice the humidity when other weird problems start happening with your machines.

              I have noticed over the years, down south, in the centers that I have worked in that most of your high scores and 300's are bowled in low humid conditions!


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                Re: stuck in elevator

                We have noticed similar on some of our machines and put it down to a bent pin holder bracket too (although I can't remember if we ground it back or hammered it back or threw it in the bin).

                Nice explanation, Alan (although I2Narow's faulty gravity explanation was my favourite [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/wink.gif[/img] ).



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