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  • Idler shaft

    One of our lanes has a bad bearing assembly for the distributor pulley. The idler shaft that the pulleys sit on has been damaged where it sits on the bearing. I took the assembly apart and found tiny metal shavings from the idler shaft and it does not sit tight within the bearing, and causing belt slippage as well as timeouts. Has anybody seen this? Made a temporary repair with JB weld until the new part comes in.
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    how about a part number or figure reference....sorry to say, but am having hard time figuring out which pulley/shaft you are referring to...thanks.


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      You mean this?


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        Okay, cool. Well I personally haven't had any issues in that area. I have had issues with bearings on the front and aft distributor shafts themselves -- the long machine wide shafts.
        Of note though, you might want to lube your green belts. I hear the tell tale signs of dry rub squeals. That will help with pin flow if you didn't know already.


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          When Ive seen these go, I generally repalce the shaft and bearing. Aint had one go for ages tbh


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            I apologize for not posting a pic and being more clear regarding the issue, but yes Im referring to what noob posted. I have attatched a pic of the part at fault.


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              That's why you keep the machine clean right under them. Once you start seeing shavings under it I replace the whole thing.
              Keep an eye on it see if it does it again


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