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  • Pinholder Microswitch

    Going through the machines at Lucky 9 Lanes here in Richmond, BC, I've noticed a few things with the micro switches in the pinholders.

    The original micro switch is a Cherry E21 with a black button that takes very little force to activate.

    Then there are some Cherry D41X with a green button that takes very little force to press in and active the switch.

    There are however newer looking micro switches, same Cherry D41X markings, same electrical ratings, however the button is black and slightly more force is required to activate the switch.

    Did Brunswick change switch specifications over the years?

    Reason I ask is I've noticed that sometimes the switch finger for signalling a pin in the pinholder isn't able to push the button down on the newer Cherry D41X with the black button. I've found that bending the steel blade on the switch finger seems to eliminate this problem.

    Any thoughts?
    Bobbie Bees

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    Same problem here รก few months ago.
    Now i have new switch fingers and they can push harder on the button.


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      with something like this:,5

      you can make your own switch fingers and they push harder, depending on the thickness you choose.


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