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  • Pin spot is off

    I'm currently working at a 38 Lane center. Of those 38 lanes only a few are having this issue.

    I'm currently trying to get all the lanes to have perfect pin spots for a tournament coming up soon. Some of the machines are off a bit with spotting back and forwards. I've tried adjusting them in both directions only to get close but not 100%.

    The issue is I believe some of the tables are twisted. After adjusting a lot of lanes, I've notice I can't get some to set in it's designated location. On the lanes this happens on, the 10 pin will be in line with the circle on the deck but pushed back. While on the other side the 7 will be pushed forwards. It follows that pattern all the way to the one pin where it will most of the time be push back as well.

    This isn't causing any sort of issue with daily operations. It's just bugs me not knowing how to fix it.
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    What kind of adjustments are you doing?


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      I've adjusted the swing arm on each row to get the pin spots close as possible but some still look like this.
      10 and 6 are off spot but 4 and 7 are good.


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        Have you adjusted your pin holders?


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          I've adjusted them as much as I could. I don't know how to adjust them front to back without moving all of them.


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            Loosen the Jam Nut on the Vertical Stop Bolt. Its on the back of the right Swing Shaft. Play with that little by little and that should fix it.


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              I have dealt with some cock-eyed racks before as well. I finally ended up having to shift/pivot the whole pinsetter frame on the kickbacks to get them closer to being squared up and on spot.
              No amount of tweaking the table, holders, cross shafts helped until resorting to moving the whole machine. Not fun.


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                I've ran into and fixed this issue a quite a few times. There is and adjustment you can make to how the table adjustment bolts sit on the tubes due to the holes on the tubes being a fair amount bigger than the width of the bolts. Lower it onto something you can slide, I use two boards, back the nuts off of the bolts, spin in the desired direction, then re-tighten, I could almost guarantee this will fix your issue.

                Side note, I've also had to do this to fix an issue where all pins were too far forward but adjusting the vertical stop bolt to get them on spot created too much of an angle, the only difference was I shifted the table back instead of twisting it.


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