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  • Strange issue

    OK I have a pretty strange issue. Who has experience with these 2 light (black light and white light) pin lights? See right now I have them wired so both lights stay on. It actually looks pretty good. Makes the pins stand out more. So I decided to put a toggle switch on to kill the white light for glow bowling. Which brought up new issues where the light, both of them would just shut off. I assume its because the ballast would over heat and just shut down because the next morning I go in and try it and it lights right back up. Both lights. And I have the switches connected to the number 4 wire on the ballast wiring diagram. But... there is a 24vac switch mounted on the inside by the ballast. That switches between the black and white lights when 24VAC power is hooked to them. My question is this. Now technically if you take. 3 way switch and hook it to each one off the red, black, and blue wires going to that electric relay. Technically you could switch between the black and white lights manually, with the toggle switch, right? But its not working that way. Because when I hook the toggle switch up to the 3 wires coming out of the ballast that originally went to the relay switch neither one of the lights came on. I'll send you pictures about what I'm talking about
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    I follow the logic and understand what you are trying to accomplish. BUT, in my experience with these light fixtures and ballast, they are very finicky and anything done to disturb them jacks up how they operate. Period. Changing the ballast or swapping out a complete light assembly or even changing bulbs can turn into a circus.
    You'd have better luck looking into the whole LED thing to get reliable light solutions in my opinion.

    Not sure what kind of black light you are using, but there are different wavelength units out there that work really well to brighten things and still have effective glow bowl going. If you are using the standard ones that the glass is dark blue, switch to ones that the glass is light/pale blueish gray color. Unfortunately I don't have the specs on them right now tho.


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      Yeah I noticed that. I have 2 lanes running off ballasts from lowes cuz my boss got tired of paying 136 dollars for them when they blew out. So I know what you mean about them being finicky. Half the lanes I have the dark blue/purple bulbs in and the other half I have the dark grey/white black lights in.

      I dunno, I guess logic doesn't seem to fit in this place. for anything.. lol


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