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  • Pin holder 3 help

    First-time post here, in my 5-6 year in the blowing industry still learning every day. Just in the last day or so we had a problem with our pin holder 3. The table will set all the pins except the #3 pin. It will not open or close the flaps to receive or set a pin. We've changed out the pin holder for brand new so I know it works. We've checked the wiring from the table to the next GEN doesn't seem to be any pinched wires or anything cut or frayed. The table is level the height is fine we've tried plugging in pin-holder 1 into 3 but the wires and connections aren't long enough every time we run the machine they just become unplugged. I've checked the connection from the next GEN box I'm getting power. Any advice on what to do? My coworker and I cannot seem to figure out what's wrong.

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    When this happens, I’ll go ahead and make sure the molex pins inside both the female and male connectors are in good shape. Then I’ll check the continuity of the solenoid to bottom table harness wire with a multimeter. If you don’t have the clip adapter for the multimeter lines then you’ll have to get one guy to keep the multimeter attached while you manually rotate the swing shafts. I do this to see if a wire is pinching during rotation if there’s any intermittent connection issues. If you haven’t done so already, check inside the flexible plastic casing where the table wires are routed through near the 10 pin. I find that most of my wires break there. Make sure the molex pin going into the bottom table harness is not loose as well. If everything on the table is fine, go ahead and swap the top table harness that goes into your nextgen electronics with another lane’s to see if the problem transfers. I’m not familiar with nextgen as we are running GS98s which aren’t much different, but taking a look at the manual... check the wiring from the side of the box to the J5 plug on the IO board. If all else fails, swap the IO board with the adjacent lane. If the IO is your problem, have it sent to Brunswick for repairs if you’re not certified or confident that you can bridge a circuit or further isolate the issue on the PCB.


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      In addition to NarChems' suggestions, I have seen a bad CPU board cause single pins to fail to set.
      let me be myself


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        Yeah. What they said. Ive sent 2 CPU boards off because they failed to set single pins. The first one had a problem with the sweep not releasing too. But the second one i spent 4 days repairing and checking everything from the pinholder to the nexgen box and even replaced the upper and lower table wiring harnesses. And the only thing that was left was the CPU. And I changed it and it works perfectly now.

        I suggest changing the CPU to a different lane pair and see if the problem follows it or stays with the lane. If the problem moves then you know it was the CPU.


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