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    Hey everyone!

    So recently I've had two separate lanes (not in a pair) have issues with the t band rubbing up against the edge of the elevator plow, I've checked to make sure the right pulleys and ploycords are installed for which they are - swapped them back to OEM parts after many unofficial Brunswick Parts were used - many which would struggle under normal pin weight despite adjustment. Bands are centred where they can be - nothing has seemed to work.

    I got one lane fixed, however the other I tried the same fix and nothing.

    What I will mention is the jam and adjustment nut on one side of the t band is maxed out on the tension adjustment rod - any more adjustment and it will come off - have also tried completely removing snd reinstalling to no effect.

    -just an additional note, we thought that the elevators were not plumb as I know this can cause a lot of issues however I remember that both these lanes weren't like this a few months ago and nobody has since attempted to move the elevators on either lane.

    If anyone can offer help on this that would be amazing

    EDIT: I apologise that there are duplicated photos - can't seem to delete them whilst on mobile.
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    If the side frames were installed as close to spec as possible, then all I could think of are the threaded rods themselves. How far were they screwed in on each bearing block? Also, the photo showing the V-belt pulley, the washer between the side frame and compression spring is wedged in the eyelet. If the washer is not flat on the side frame, then there is a possibility that the threaded rod can be held in a stationary position because of the washer biting down on it.

    I'm not certain if transport bands stretch on one side as they age.

    (Also, the elevator might not be parallel enough to the pin deck, or perpendicular enough to the accelerator and kickback; more unlikely than not).


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      I would check the T-bands frame on the 7 pin side, the older style frames were made out of really thin metal like the old style cushion brackets. You can use your foot and step on the frame to see if it will budge. Its possible its got stripped bolts and or is digging its way toward the elevator on that side. Just a thought.


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        Thanks for all the responses. Really appreciate it.

        We just got our lane 17 fixed, it didn't happen to be the frame, rather what I suspected was the issue appears to be the case (other tech installed a larger v belt pulley and didn't swap to the right size matched v belt) hence why, after tension adjustment - the tband was being pulled against the elevator. So just an honest tech mistake which has been solved.

        As for the other lanes, turned out to be just the wrong metric washer were installed and slipping through the eyelet.

        Our lane 17 we still have issues with and as such, I'm pulling the whole t band apart and inspecting the framework as I've tried all other methods including checking the plumb/levelling of the elevator which I returned back to proper spec when I took over the centre after the last tech was fired for neglecting the pinsetters and a bunch of other stuff.

        I'll report back with my findings tomorrow.


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