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Intermittent pin detect fail on head pin (GS-10)


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  • Intermittent pin detect fail on head pin (GS-10)

    Hi, we've had a weird problem on one of our lanes for months now, i'm hoping someone out there can help...

    Occasionally the detect stroke sees a head pin even though it was knocked down. This happens on both the strike and spare shots.
    We've changed the pin cup (countless times) and also the gamesetter and the wiring loom. On advice from the guru we also checked table level, A and B switches, table stroke limiter damper. We've checked and changed everything from the cup to the frameworx box, but the problem still occurs.

    On average I reckon it fails about 10% of the time, but it's a massive pain to test: sometimes it scores perfectly for 3+ games -- so it seems fixed -- but then it'll mis-score a few times in one game..

    Any ideas appreciated!

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    Re: Intermittent pin detect fail on head pin (GS-10)

    I don't know much about GS-10 but I think the theory is the same. A pin is detected when the pin holder switch changes state.

    So if there is a pin in the holder and it detects a non-existent pin, the switch would have changed from closed to open. That could be a break in either the setting table wiring harness or the external setting table cable ( I don't know which one you refer to as the loom)

    If there is no pin in the holder when it detects a non-existent pin, the switch would change from open to close, so something would physically have to make the switch. Possibly the stroke limiter shock allows the table to come down hard enough on the stroke limiter to make the paddle bounce enough to make the switch.

    Those are just a couple of guesses
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      Re: Intermittent pin detect fail on head pin (GS-10)

      Actually, I think J-Rakow hit the nail on the head.
      The GS-10 only single loads the pinholders, unlike the GS-96 and the GS-X machines. If I'm not mistaken, the GS-96 and up have two microswitches on each pinholder, one for detecting standing pins and one for detecting loaded pins. The GS-X has a single microswitch like the GS-10 but has some fancy linkage that will change the state of the switch depending if there is a pin loaded and it has detected a standing pin.

      Back to the phantom pin on your GS-10.
      The GS-10 has a single microswitch that detects a standing pin and it is used to detect when a pin has been loaded.
      But it can't detect both conditions at the same time. If a pin is loaded into the pinholder, the GS-10 will read this as being a standing pin.
      And I'll bet you dollars to donuts what is happeneing is that periodically the machine is loading a pin into the pinholder right after it has set ten new pins.
      Check your release lever for the #1 pinstation and make sure that it's not binding on the green belt and that it's not bent down low enough to be hit by the grippers in the closed position.

      Don't forget, unless you catch the pin in the pinholder right after a mis-score you probably won't catch it at all as the machine will set the pin when it sets fresh wood after the second ball.

      Make sense?
      Bobbie Bees


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        Re: Intermittent pin detect fail on head pin (GS-10)

        You checked the A and B switch, but make shure all switches are in the right distance from the magnet. I had the same problem last week and it turned out to be on switch sitting too high in it's holder.


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          Re: Intermittent pin detect fail on head pin (GS-10)

          Have we tried shortening the bolt on the detection paddle? Have we tried changing the detection paddle? Being a GS-10, you may still have the steel detection paddles. They have a tendency to bounce, especially when pins are dropped into the holders. When they bounce, they can make the switch, and the gamesetter box will see that as a pin being in the holder and then setting a "ghost pin". The plastic paddles may also cause this problem if the bolt is too long.

          If none of the above, make sure the molex connection for the pin holder is seated tightly.
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            Re: Intermittent pin detect fail on head pin (GS-10)

            So Tel, has anything worked?
            Bobbie Bees


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