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GS-X: "CPU Lost" Power Surge, CPU Blank Screen, 2 Lanes Blacking Out Same Time.....


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  • GS-X: "CPU Lost" Power Surge, CPU Blank Screen, 2 Lanes Blacking Out Same Time.....

    GS-X Series
    Lane 1 and 2
    Whether one lane is on in frameworx mode or both are on, about once a week, the rakes will fall down as if to sweep away pins and BOTH lanes, whether only one lane is on or both are on, will black out. Past 3 times the CPU screen has been blank, one time it said "CPU LOST". Error messages are in the 90's most error 95 because the rake is out of place. The motors must be hand cranked to place motors back into place before the machines will come back on, doesn't matter what mode (Diag, Frameworx, tenpin, etc..).
    Only Lane 1 and 2 are doing this. It happens roughly once to twice a week. Anyone have any ideas as to what is the issue, how it can be fixed, and how it can be prevented in the future? Please let me know as soon as anyone see this and knows what I am referring to. Feel free to call or reply back to this forum or email me at [email protected]. Thank you.

    Alex James Bell
    Lead Mechanic and Night Manager
    Langston Gray Bowling Center
    Bainbridge Georgia
    229 246 5530

    Manager: Jeff Kindelspire
    P.S. Computer board must be powered off then on also for machines to come back on most of the time, everytime when the CPU board is blank.

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    Try swapping with a KNOWN WORKING cpu board.


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      CPU or HVB


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        The 'wild ' phase of the 3 phase power sometimes is over 250 volts, sometimes 270+, phase to ground. But when you measure phase to phase, it's within 230 (or 208) + or - 10%. I've had issues after a power off situation where the power supply for the CPU board, using one side of the high voltage on the wild phase, would disrupt the CPU, even had it blow fuses on the CPU board.
        Does this happen after a power switch off? If so, leave the power on to those machines on all the time.
        If this happens after a power off, you can change 2 of the 3 incomming power wires, but then you'll have to change each motor wire output as each will have changed direction. The book will explain testing each motor to determine it's proper rotation.
        This post is not an unpaid promotion of my business.


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          Check to make sure the switch on side of nexgen is good. I've had them over heat and start to melt and cause this. You may need to get a mirror or take lose to see back side of switch and wires.
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            Another issue has came up... Lane 2 is giving me a 72 error code. I replaced the fuse and soon as I flip the switch to on it blows the fuse. Tried this 3 times, same result. Got bored and found a 10 amp 250v fuse and it blew it immediately. Seems like a short somewhere. Any ideas? Also lane 1 is working fine at the moment this is lane 2.


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              Bad HV board.
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                Agreed with sbrooks, swapped it out!


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                  replaced the hv and is working thanks for the tips


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