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  • gsx/quibca

    weird.....i have gsx with coconsolidated boxes...quibca scoring.....having a issue with the one pin not setting...have not use scoring on this problem....cant even get it to work with the machines only on...i turn the machine on(even lane) cycle it by breaking the beam with my hand cycles fine sets ten pins every time,ill bowl on it as long as i dont knock over the head it will set the head every time as soon as i knock the head pin down and when i bowl 2nd ball when machine sets new pins down it will not set head holder will not open to get pin from pin station but when table sets a new rack the pin holder will open like there is a pin in there.... ive changed the pin holder with a spare and i swaped the one and 3 pin to make sure the one pin was a good working one ,also changed i/o,and cpu boards with another lane,upper wiring hardness,a section of the lower wiring hardness ,even rebooted scoring for that pair....i guess longs it detects a head pin it will set it if it does detect it it wont even go into the pin holder
    ....thx in advance

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    sorry...correction.....if it DOESNT detect IT WONT EVEN GO INTO THE PINHOLDER..


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      basicly after 1st ball,when setting table comes down if there is a head pin left it will set another one when its time to set new pins.if theres no head pin it wont set a new holder will not open to except the pin but will open when setting table sets new pins ....hope that breaks it down a lil thx


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        when all else fails change the detctor plate haha....its not broke or apear to be binding ...not sure why the one doesnt work!!!


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          What happens when you run it in diag?
          "Party on dude!"


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            Did you change the wire from table to consolidated box?


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