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sweep motor on a gsx


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  • sweep motor on a gsx

    hey guys

    looking for a bit of advice there is a griding noise coming from my sweep motor its no top loud but it only happens when the sweep is going back to clear the pins what could be the problem? and would a need to change it ?

    any help would do



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    Take the belt off the motor, then go to the motor menu and run the sweep motor (sweep will have to be down for it to run). If no grinding then it's not the motor. If it does grind then it could be a number of things inside the motor. Put your spare motor on the machine then start tearing into the motor to see what is grinding. Most likely a bad bearing, or something is wrong with the brake.


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      Hi Stephen,
      One thing that often happens with these motors is the "grip ring" loosens off the end of the motor shaft, allowing the fan blades to come in contact with the fan cover on the end of the motor. When the motor is turned on, you get a god-awful noise that sounds like your motor is coming apart. If that's the case, remove the fan cover, push the fan blades fully onto the shaft and put the grip ring back on.

      You can also get on the lane and take a look inside the sweep roller track and see if a bunch of silver metal is visible where the paint has been scraped off. If you see it, the bolt heads securing the vertically mounted sweep roller are grinding against the side of the sweep track while the sweep is travelling, causing the noise. You can adjust the horizontally mounted rollers by loosening the two 13mm head bolts that secure the silver plate to the sweep frame, then laterally move the sweep til the bolt heads in the track are clear. Then tighten them down with the roller barely touching the track frame on the low spot of the roller.

      Hope this helps a bit.

      Bruce DeWeber


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        If it's only happening on the rearward stoke then it's got to be in the track like Bruce said. If it's happening on both strokes then check your brake solenoid for dust or crap. If there is too much resistance in releasing the brake it will cause a chattering noise as the brake fights releasing. This is most prevalent in early model x's with the 208V-230V brake.



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          If not the motor and only on the rearward stroke, it would seem to me that one of the track rollers at the front of the sweep wagon is bad, as when the sweep is pushed back there is more downward pressure on those rollers than if it is being pulled forward.


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