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  • Heres one I haven't seen

    One of my centers had an issue of the sweep not going up at the end of the cycle. After watching it during open play I discovered the problem only ocurring during the first ball "Short cycle", you know, throw a gutter ball or hit only the 7 or 10 pin, sweep drops, table drops, detects gutter or either 7 or 10 pin hit then table and sweep immediately rise. It seems that when the sweep releases the sweep release lever swings back and forth so much that when the machine cycles and the sweep release lever lowers, the tipper lowers on top of the pin rather than under and hooking onto the pin so when the table motor reverses the table goes up but the sweep doesn't. The only thing I really did to it then was remove the sweep release lever assy, take it apart, clean it, lube it and use some thick grease at the pivot point to try to decrease the amount of swinging. Seems to be working so far. Anyone else deal with this??

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    We had the same problem right after installation (now about 6 years ago). There is an easy fis for this. The sweep release arm is bolted together with 2 hexkey bolds, loosen them, there are also 2 small hex key bolds, loosen these also and change the angel of the arm. (open or closer) THighten the bolds again and your problem is gone.


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      Same as Pinchezr says!
      "Party on dude!"


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        You can add a washer at the pivot point to slightly tighten it up. Thick grease is a temporary solution.


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