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Stroke Limiter problem


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  • Stroke Limiter problem

    Hello everyone,

    I'm having a problem on a GS-98. The machine won't set any pins because the stroke limiter solenoid is pulling but it seems like it isn't pulling enough or it can't pull enough to moved the shaft enough to un-latch the pin holders to let them go into their vertical position?

    Any ideas?

    I replaced the solenoid, cleaned the plunger, all the springs are fine and there are no visible broken parts.

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    Do the 98's the long thin silver rod that goes from the square shaft to the limiter, if so could it be bent causing a bind? If it is pulling but it's not far enough there is some adjustment by loosening the mount screws and sliding the solenoid forward or back.
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      No dice. The stroke limiter solenoid basically is barely pulling at all. I've swapped it with another lane and it worked fine. I don't think it has anything to do with the whole assembly because when I move it by hand it runs smooth. Ideas?

      I checked the wires and I couldn't see anything noticeably crushed or severed. I'm really at a loss here.


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        Try shortening the spring until you can find out where the bind might be.
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          sounds like your not getting enough voltage to your solenoid, have you checked it with a volt meter?
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            Check your table latch adjustment. If this is too close then the pressure of the protrusion that the latch interacts with can overpower the pull of the solenoid. Don't know how this could suddenly go out of adjustment, but it's a starting point.

            Another possibility is that the table spring is weak. I have seen machines where the stroke limiter solenoid pulls back just fine, but the spring is too weak to urge the pinholders to their vertical positions.
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              Now that I reread your initial post is appears that your problem is that the stroke limiter isn't moving back far enough to allow the table to go to its lowest position. Is that the case? Or does the table go to its lowest position and the pinholders stay horizontal?
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                Ok. I think I have identified the problem. There is voltage getting to the solenoid and the solenoid functions when put on other lanes.

                When the table is in its resting state the latch is not free, but the table is resting on it. This means that the solenoid is pulling against the entire weight of the pin holders assembly and it is unsuccessful. This is happening because the roller attached to the assembly that controls the table moving from the horizontal to the verticle position does not press upon the actuator arm attached to the TS1-swtch assmebly when it returns to its resting position. I have found that the actuator arm is mounted about a centimeter higher than all of the other lanes which means that the roller doesn't make much contact with it to relieve the latch from the pressure.


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