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GSX Pinholder Problems


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  • GSX Pinholder Problems

    On lane 2 first cycle the pincups, 4 out of 5 times set fine. For the 5th attempt they open fully and close within half a second or less causing the pins to stay in the cup, I've adjusted the A/B angles and I thought this helped but its made no difference.

    This is all pincups and they aren't slow to open nor do they open early. What is it that controls the length of time that they are open for?

    Any ideas?


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    Ashl3y You might want to check your timing via your A.B.C.D might be slightly out of time..or one of them might be bad or out of adjusment. I have yet to see one that all the holders did this myself.. I will keep digging and try to help..


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      If you have the consolidated pcb, try changing the pcb I / O with one that works ok. It can be a power supply problem of the solenoids. If you have nexen, i don't know how is it. If you have the nexen, i don't know how is it. But the consolidated pcb, don't have any time control.


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        The switch cluster controls the length of time the pinholder solenoids fire. Or more precisely, the spacing of the the switches on the switch cluster determine the timing. It sounds like you're getting intermittent contact, either via a nearly broken wire on the pinholder itself or on one of the table wire harnesses. Since you said all pinholders are doing this, I'd go with the latter. Or as suggested you can swap whatever electronics with a neighboring machine and see if the problem moves.
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          Check the female side of molex connector is not loose, they can get loose and cause intermittent connections.
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            I agree with Dave, Many times one of the wires in the external setting deck cable will break and cause intermittent problems as the cable flexes when the table raises and lowers. Looking at the wiring diagram, there is only one wire common to all pin holders and that is the common for all 10 pin switches. Swap the external setting deck cable with a known good one and see if the problem travels with the cable.
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              I missed the part of your post that said all pinholders were doing this. Dave and J_Rakow have it correct, swap cable with known good one.
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                As a couple of other thecs have mentioned, check the cable from the table to the consolidated box,all the pinholder switch and solenoid wires along with the spotting tong switch go through that cable. If you don't have a spare cable you should, they are expensive over 300 dollars but as your machines get older you will find it is a real time saver. Whenever you have a pin holder that acts intermittant or just fails you can drap that spare cable to see if that fixes the problem instead of just changing the pin holder. Our machines are 11 years old and we have had probably 30 of those cables break wires and fail.When the wire starts to break it will give you that quick closing pinholder. Once the wire breaks depending on which wire breaks you could have grippers that won't open or grippers that won't close. Move the hard outer covering out of the way and give each wire a little tug and if a wire is starting to break it will pull right out. You can solder it back together but it will often break again right at the end of the solder joint. Good luck.


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