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Pin gripper release theory of operation question !!


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  • Pin gripper release theory of operation question !!

    In the GS machines, solenoids contained in the cells open and close the pin grippers. When the solenoid closes to grip the pin and hold it in the cell, does the pin dropping into the cell cause the gripper to close? In other words, is the switch in the cell? Also, when the gripper opens to release the pin onto the lane, what causes the grippers to open? Is there some centrally located 'switch' that controls all grippers at the same time, or does each cell determine gripper opening - perhaps some kind of closure of switch or contact when the cell or pin hits the lane surface?


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    There is a switch in the holder that tells the electronics when a pin is loaded. In a nutshell, there is a switch cluster consisting of 4 switches actuated by a cam lever attached to the main drive shaft. As the main drive shaft turns and actuates the A, B, C and D switches, the electronics gets timing information for the various functions of the machine such as closing grippers after setting pins.


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      Excellent, thank you.


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        And I'm assuming these A,B,C and D switches along with the cam timing mechanisms tell the grippers when to OPEN to release the pins from the cells, is this correct?


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          Go here...

          Download the GS manual...mainly the parts about operations, cycles, and maintenance, the Nexgen one is good too. This will answer your question. Its really good reading and gives a great understanding of how this thing works. I don't work on these but I have a hard copy of the manual and have read the whole thing, its really neat.


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            Yes, thank you. Very helpful!!


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              The GS CPO manuals are pretty much the same as the GSX, the cpo pinsetter is the Certified Pre Owned machine that has been upgraded to the GSX, it is my understanding.


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