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GSX Error Code 70-73


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  • GSX Error Code 70-73

    Let me start this by saying I am not a mechanic and have very little experience working on any pinsetters. Yet, I have no mechanic at the moment and am trying to survive. On one of my pinsetters I am getting a combination of Error Codes ranging from 70-73. I have turned the Nexgen setting to motor and the deck will move using the clockwise setting. However, it will not seem to move in the counter-clockwise setting. If I run it in diagnostic mode it will stop and throw up one of the error codes. I feel as though this may be an electrical problem, in which case I'll be even more screwed, cause I really don't want to mess around and get electrocuted. I've checked the alignment like the manual said and it seems to be correct. If anyone has a few easy things I can check for I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks

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    Check the reversing fuses on the HV board (bottom board in nexgen).


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      KC make sure you cut the nexgen box off or better yet unplug it and check fuses with meter. If you need to give me or one of the other members a call and we can try to trouble shoot it over the phone.

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        Maybe check the switch cluster and see if switch actuator are meeting up with switches located on table shaft on top.


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          There is one common wire to all the ABC &D switches, it is in position #8 in the plug on P1 (or P23). But if the table does stop at '0', that common wire is ok.
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            Everytime that happens at out center, it turns out to be the fuses in the NexGen box. One other time the B switch fell out of the holder.
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              Thank you was the reversing fuses. Pretty easy fix. Thanks again for the help.


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