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Broken T stop


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  • Broken T stop

    3 year old GSx machine with a broken T stop. (It is now an "L" stop ) Anyone have a quick and east procedure to replace it? I see that there is a roll pin locking it into the post. The new one is threaded and has no hole for a roll pin.

    Thanks, billman
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    Just punch out the roll pin, unscrew the t-stop and screw the new one in and drill hole for roll pin.


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      Yes, what he said.
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        If only things were simple! The table lowering chain is in the way of the t-stop. There is a lot of pressure on it. My thought is to lower the the table onto a couple of out of range pins. This should give slack in the chain, maybe enough to allow it to move out of the way and let the t-stop spin. If not... with the slack in the chain I should be able to remove the master link where it attaches to the tube. Any problems to watch out for?

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          just put the machine to zero and then u have room to take out T-STOP
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            When I had one break, I had to lower the table onto something, remove the chain, loosen the entire stroke limiter assy., then I could get the t stop out.

            I think if you tried to remove the chain with the table not sitting on something it will want to fall on that side.


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              MCSS is correct you have to set the machine on something. We use a 2x4 and set the table on the lane then mark the bearing block with a black marker. Loosen the bearing block which has the gear holding the chain, this will give you slack in the chain.I don't remove the chain, if you do and are not careful when you put it back on you can end up with the chain being off by a tooth which will create problems. Loosen the stroke limiter bolts so you can swing the stroke limiter out of the way. Punch out the roll pin and unscrew the stop.For a quick and temporary fix with the machine in the home position break off the part of the T which is still there, remove the roll pin and unscrew the rest of the stop. Take a spare stop and grind off the threads so you can slide it right into the tube and then drill your hole and install the roll pin.If you have the stop already ready to go you can do the quick fix in just a couple of minutes.That will allow you to run the machine for the rest of the day. I have done this for emergency situations and it works fine I have a stop set up just for that problem but I woulld not leave it there for more then a day, two days at the most because that roll pin hole will start egging out.
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                This is one part I wish was metal. A pad could be added to the top of the limiter.
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                  Oh my, could I have finally found something that's easier on my 98s? Replacing a t-stop on 98s takes, like, 2 minutes tops without having to set the table on anything. Saving this thread for the ONE time I'm not jealous. =D
                  Fix it the right way? You can't do that unless it worked right to begin with.


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