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  • ball door lock

    Strengthening of the ball locks
    Sometimes, after adjustment, the goal will continue through next to the ball bolt, or because of the impact is too large, resulting in the ball bolt bending by



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    I haven't heard of too many issues with the door lock bending, but I can certainly see where this would prevent it. I have to ask about the balls causing some bending as the lock does not retact fully after the locking period every the time?
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      Ours would not bend, they would break off completely! We did a similar reinforcement several years ago and have not lost another locking bolt since. It works.


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        Thanks for the advice of their predecessors
        Forgive my English proficiency
        Adjust to normal conditions without the use of this device.
        Strengthening devices reasons
        A.Locking Bolt can not be aimed at Lever, the impact of the ball bottle through from the Lever next
        Therefore, in strengthening the half of the Locking Bolt, to prevent the adoption
        B.Locking Bolt activities anchor the old, the larger the gap, resulting in Lever from below by
        So add 3 ~ 4cm wood as a support
        C. The added half of the locking Bolt, need to support, 3 to 4cm timber can be used as attachment
        And impact of the impact, by the metal frame to withstand, without the ball bolt to withstand

        PS 47-031797-002 Locking Bolt
        47-031822-004 Lever

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          my Locking Bolt Impact marks


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