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  • tongs

    i have a lane that some times doesnt want to pick up standing pins tongs close but pins slip out...sometimes it will work fine for a couple days then it will stop working...i will list everything that ive changed/adjusted...

    has all new tongs
    new large tong gear
    both tooth racks new
    new gear rack
    swithched tong solenoid with the lane next to it
    swithched tong clutch with the shaft on it with lane next to it
    adjusted table height
    adjusted the cam for the switch cluster

    is there something else im missing?

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    Slowly close all tongs manually and watch which ones seem to close first. These will be the tight ones. Watch to see which ones close last, they will be the ones that drop pins. Try to match them all with the 3 & 10 tongs. Also, check abcd switch for proper operation. If tour timing is out, there may not be enough time for tongs to open or close properly. We just had one of those last month. Come to find out, someone changed CAM on weekend, and didn't tell me.


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      It sounds like 1 or more of the tongs close earlier than the others and it will only drop pins if there is a certain spare left standing and that pin or pins is included in the spare. DO like jday said and check timing on tongs and you should find problem.
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        where to yall position the actual fingers when installing the tongs?


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          Shaggy I prefer to install them closed..but either way works to.... time..... them..but for me closed seems to be a bit more like Jday posted you should be fine once u time them all. but I think jady hit it u prolly only have one maybe 2 out of time. just do what he posted and it should be fine.


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            im working on it....thanks guys....ill let you know what i come up with...ill probably go back to A-2 rather replace a gear box...


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              i cant install them closed because when they open they dont open far enough the when machine sets new pins detector plates hit tongs causing j1/j2.....i have noticed on all my other machines that the tong solenoid doesnt ingage untill after the cam reaches the B switch on this machine tong solenoid engages almost at the C switch....i think i have a timming problem...ive adjusted the cam it either gets worse or stays the so lost


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                I usually install the #3&#10 tong in open position. Then I close them to install the rest. My weekend guys "help" me out by changing, or adjusting tongs without telling me, and the machine works crappy. Sometimes I have to start from square 1, thanks to thier help. Are you using fat tong rubbers? They help a lot.


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                  was running out of things to check/change so i swapped the upper table wire hardness with the lane next to it... started working IMMEDIATELY!!!


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                    thanks to all that replied!!!!!


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                      I wish that the spotting tong gears were marked like the gears in A and A-2 gear boxes are marked.


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