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    Has anyone heard about Lanes and Games removing the 82-95s on the second floor to put in 8 more As?? I liked their Facebook page because I wanted to see if they had any pics of the jayne machine, and it showed them removing machine assemblies and other things through a second floor window...
    Just wondering what goes on behind the pins.

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    I would love to see pics and video of those.


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      According to their FB page the second floor will be all tenpin with A2 machines replacing the 82/95s. The first floor will still have 26 candlepin lanes. If they are wise I would hope they keep the 8 machines they pulled for parts as this machine hasn't been made in a long time assuming the first floor uses the same ones but I don't know. It would be really terrible if they just scrapped them, I hope that's not what happened.

      I asked about the machines they pulled and what they have on the first floor, let's see what they say.


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        Lanes and Games (82/95)

        Here's a couple of pics from their FB page of the 82/95 front ends. The interesting thing is it seems to be a combination of several machines.... the table has buckets like an A/A2, the distributor is smilar to the 82/30 and has a track, and the front end looks very similar to a 70.

        Here you can see the buckets on the table and a side view of the front end frame, which looks like a shorter version of a 70

        The back of the pin elevators, they are even the same color as a 70

        Notice how the front end is box like and on the left is a Westinghouse combo gearbox with a shaft or shafts that extend all the way across, with a couple of cams on it and what looks like a table clevis in the middle. The fact that there is only one motor suggests that this one motor drives the sweep and table simultaneously with the sweep crank (just like a 70) on the ten side. So I'm guessing each machine has only two motors

        So far, this is the only video I have ever found of the back of these machines, and it's not much. But you can see the distributor, part of the table, and the ball/pin elevator (both balls and pins go up it)- the distributor even acts like a 30 when it retracts


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          Yah, I hope they don't scrap them! I'm sure the couple centres that have them would love the parts!


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            What chassis do those things use? What's their approximate age?

            82-70B, Stepper chassis


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              I wish I knew Toby but trying to find information on these is pretty much impossible. I contacted AMF to see if they still had a manual and got a reply saying they don't currently but the guy I talked to said he would dig through the archives to see if he could find it. I really hope he does.


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                Originally posted by Tablejam View Post
                I contacted AMF to see if they still had a manual and got a reply saying they don't currently but the guy I talked to said he would dig through the archives to see if he could find it. I really hope he does.
                dont be afraid to send me a copy!


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                  Perhaps if we can get a hold of one, we could add it to the manuals section? All going well.
                  Bring me the freshest "Mean Green" known to man! Juice on!


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                    I don't know what pinsetters they have, but check out the picture of the masking units!

                    82-70B, Stepper chassis


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                      This seemed amusing...

                      Confidence in my own bowling prowess has led me to believe that the slant of the hill, upon which the building rests, must certainly cause balls to tend toward the right.


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                        They do run on 2 motors One backend and 1 front end motor that runs both the table and sweep together. They only needed one motor because all it had to do was spot pins. the chassis had a stepper and relays in it not totally unlike the 30s chassis. It also has a pincounter mounted on the pinwheel (inside) and cam set up like the 30s even t hough the back of the pinwheel is the same as the 70s.
                        The distributer head is the same as the 30s also except you didn't need the panagraph arms because the distributer track is always stationary. The pit was simliar bit they used 2 thin rods for tension on the front roller instead of the traditional spring.
                        I worked on them for several years back in the 70"s Probably the fastest candlepin machine ever made. Brian


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                          thanks for that Brian. great info! glad to hear from you.


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                            No Problem House Where you At these days?


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                              Taunton Mass, Facility Manager in a 82-70 center. still at hamp?


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