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Bowl-Mor Ducks!


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  • Bowl-Mor Ducks!

    i got to see bowl-mor duck pin machines for the first time today. i wasnt able to see the back, but the view from the concourse was pretty neat! its at Ryans Family Amusement, Raynham ma.

    Im going to ask if someone will give me a tour sometime.

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    its a pretty rare and neat machine, the center used to be 24 lanes of ducks, then 16, now 8. im lucky and get to see those machines every week, i dont work on them, (mainly because the mechanic is excellent) i work on the 8 a2's. they are like a hybrid of a bowlmor candlepin, brunswick a2 machines.


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      im staying temporarily across the street at quality inn. i work at taunton lanes.


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        im staying temporarily across the street at quality inn. i work at taunton lanes. 82-70's

        i saw the brunswicks and got excited! man, i miss working on those machines


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          im there on wednesdays if you want to stop by, im not sure where the a2 machines came from just put in 4 months ago, i think they may have been from an amf center judging by the large sticker on the rear shield and the brackets for the additional plastic guard but who knows..

          on a side note lane 15 had the original "Brunswick automatic" on the shield, too bad its got an a2 sticker on it, it was a shade of grey and the original color of green. we painted it to make it look nice, but the lettering is still there.


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            i bet those machines came from my center that closed, 4 months ago, in springfield ma. if i saw them id be able to tell. wow, this is getting interesting..


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              what time wednesdays?


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                i was thinking that actually, one way to tell.... did they have the lane number written on the backside of the electric box? 6 gearboxs is 32477 range, 2 gearboxes are in the 102023 range, there was also another sticker warning sticker on them with condor or conway recreation or family entertainment. somthing along that line, cant think of the corect one of the top of my head.

                i should be there by 10 and im usually gone by 5


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                  those are them! THEY LIVE!!! i worked on those for years. they ran very well. so 6 converted and 2 scotch yokes? cool. conbow recreation centers was the sticker. take care of my old girls! the center that those came from closed 5/10/12, gold crown must have installed i take it (?) since they pulled them out of airway lanes. damn, i miss that place....

                  i gotta head in early tomorrow, so maybe next week.


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                    yep gold crown did install them, we are still working out the bugs but getting there, the elc boxes came from the low end, defently have 3 and 6, rear guards numbers were all over the place, so its anybody's guess to what actual machine number they really were at airway, were there scotch yokes on the high end?if i remember correctly the last 8 or so before the candlepin had a different a2 logo on them


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                      1 thru 32 were converted A-2s with the crown shields, and 33-40 (scotch yokes) were the newer A-2 shields. the numbers on the rear guards were irrelevant on the scotch yoke machines.


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                        kind of cool history lesson here lol


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                          youre telling me. since airway had closed in may, i had been unemployed up till about 2 weeks ago.


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                            You must know my friend Tim Introvigne from AMF airway then. I trained Tim from being a porter to pinchasing back in 1978 at the old Treadway-Bowl-O-Mat. Small world


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                              Tim trained me, and we worked together for a while before airway closed. he was my head mechanic, and i was one of the b mechanics. pleasure to meet you sir.


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